Feedback Guidelines for qpOASES

In case you encounter any kind of troubles when installing or running qpOASES, please follow these steps:

  1. check whether you can find any hint in the User's Manual or source code documentation;
  2. browse the User Support knowledge base to see whether other users have encountered your problem before;
  3. browse All Issues reported by other users to see whether you find a solution to your problem.

If none of the above helps you to overcome your troubles, you are most welcome to ask for support. We strongly encourage you to send your bug report, question, remark, features request or any other kind of feedback by creating a new ticket. When doing so, please stick to the following simple guidelines.

A. Provide basic information

  • Please always include the following basic information:
    • exact version number of your qpOASES release,
    • name and version of your operating system,
    • whether you are using the C++ core code or any of the third-party interfaces,
    • actions you already tried fixing the issue yourself.
  • If you are having troubles compiling qpOASES, please also mention:
    • name and version of the compiler you are using,
    • compiler settings and build system that you use to compile qpOASES,
    • detailled error log of your compiler.

B. Send your feedback through the best channel

  • If your feedback is not confidential, it may be useful to other users. Thus, create a new ticket specifying:
    • Summary: a meanigful, yet very concise description of your issue.
    • Description: containing all basic information as mentioned above as well as information on how to reproduce the issue. Feel free to include or attach code snippets!
    • Type: user support for general questions, installation issue if you cannot install the code, runtime bug if anything goes wrong after installation, documention if you feel source code documentation or user's manual need to be improved or feature request if you want to suggest a new feature. In addition, developers may also issue code cleanup if source code looks ugly or test request if further testing is needed.
    • Version: the qpOASES version you are referring to.
    • Component: leave the default value C++ core if the reported issue is related to qpOASES's core functionality; if it is specific to one of the third-party interfaces, select the one in question.
    • You should leave all other fields unaltered.
  • If your feedback must stay confidential, which we believe is an exceptional case, send an e-mail to

See also Introduction, User Support, All Issues, User's Manual, Source Code Documentation, Authors and Contributors

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