qpOASES Authors and Contributors

Main Authors

qpOASES's core functionality and software design have been developed by the following main developers (in alphabetical order):

Further Authors

Moreover, the following developers have contributed code to qpOASES's third-party interfaces (in alphabetical order):

  • Alexander Buchner
  • Holger Diedam
  • Dennis Janka
  • Manuel Kudruss
  • Andreas Waechter
  • Sebastian F. Walter


Finally, the following people have not contributed to the source code, but have helped making qpOASES even more useful by testing, reporting bugs or proposing algorithmic improvements (in alphabetical order):

  • Eckhard Arnold
  • Joris Gillis
  • Boris Houska
  • D. Kwame Minde Kufoalor
  • Aude Perrin
  • Milan Vukov
  • Thomas Wiese
  • Leonard Wirsching

Scientific Mentors

We also would like to thank two persons who had a major share in making qpOASES a success. Not by writing even a single line of code, but by establishing the idea of using a homotopy-based approach for high-speed QP solutions and by excellent scientific guidance during the development process:

  • Hans Georg Bock
  • Moritz Diehl

See also Introduction, Download

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