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#39 qpOASES_e may be considerably slower than qpOASES ferreau test request high plain C translation (qpOASES_e) 3.1.0
#2 make default options work for LPs ckirches runtime bug normal C++ core 3.0.0
#35 QProblem reentrancy ferreau feature request normal C++ core 3.0.1
#15 update Scilab interface ferreau feature request low scilab interface 3.0.0
#25 distribute qpOASES as Ubuntu package ghorn feature request low C++ core 3.0.0
#42 provide access to SQProblemSchur class in third-party interfaces ferreau feature request low Matlab interface 3.1.1
#54 Matrix::print() does not consider lead dimension for dense matrices ferreau feature request low C++ core 3.2.0
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