jMarkov is a Java framework for Markov chain modeling.

jMarkov has the following modules

  • Core Module: Permits modeling large-scale Markov Chains.
  • jQBD: Modeling of Quasi Birth and Death processes (QBDs)
  • jPhase: Modeling of Phase type distributions
  • jMDP: Modeling of Markov Decision Processes.


The source code of jMarkov can be downloaded from the following links:

The recommended method to download jMarkov is to use subversion. The following command may be used to obtain jMarkov java source using subversion:

svn co jMarkov


The manuals for each of the modules are available at


jMarkov is maintained by:


  • Juan P. Alvarado,
  • Diego Bello,
  • Rodrigo Cáliz,
  • Marco Cote,
  • Julio C. Góez (Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen, Norway),
  • Leonardo Lozano,
  • Juan F. Pérez (Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá, Colombia),
  • Germán Riaño,
  • Andrés Sarmiento Plata,
  • Andrés Sarmiento Romero,
  • Daniel Silva (Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, USA),
  • Laura Vielma
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