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1The ufl example shows how to use the Volume Algorithm to find very good
2solutions for the uncapacitated facility location problem. For further details
3read the postscript documentatation in the doc subdirectory.
5Prerequisites for installation:
6  - Read and edit the ${CoinDir}/Makefiles/Makefile.location as necessary
7  - Edit Makefile.ufl to set the optimization level
8  - make 
9     - must use gnu make.
10     - Targets are put in subdirectories.
11       The name of the target subdirectory is derived using uname
12       command and some compiler flags.
14To run ufl:
15  - gunzip data.gz
16  - edit ufl.par
17    (the file 'data' contains a sample problem)
18  - Run the executable from the target directory. E.g.,
19    ./Linux-g/ufl
21Documentation on the ufl code can be found in the doc subdirectory. ufldoc.tex
22is a latex2e file, from which a postscript file can be created by running the
23following commands:
24  latex ufldoc
25  bibtex ufldoc
26  latex ufldoc
27  latex ufldoc
28  dvips -o ufldoc
29However, this is unnecessary, as the file is provided at the same
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