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2The vollp example shows how to use the Volume algorithm to solve an LP (well,
3to get an approximate solution). In fact, the very same code is in the heart
4of the OsiVolSolverInterface code of Osi.
6To build the vollp example of using Vol
7  - Read and edit the ${CoinDir}/Makefiles/Makefile.location as necessary
8  - Edit Makefile.vollp to set the optimization level
9  - make 
10     - must use gnu make.
11     - Targets are put in subdirectories.
12       The name of the target subdirectory is derived using uname
13       command and some compiler flags.
15To run vollp
17    where TARGET_SUBDIRECTORY is the name of the subdirectory
18    containing the vollp executable.
19    There are command line parameters. When none are specifed,
20    help text describing the parameters is provided.
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