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Welcome to the VRPH development home page

VRPH is an open-source library of heuristics for generating solutions to Vehicle Routing Problems (VRPs). The VRPH software includes the following:

  • Many well-known heuristics for generating and improving feasible solutions to VRP instances (Clarke-Wright, two-opt, three-opt, etc.).
  • Two metaheuristics that can usually generate good solutions to large instances containing hundreds of customer locations in a matter of seconds. On well-studied benchmark problems, the solutions are typically within a percent or two of the best-known solution.
  • An algorithm that combines a metaheuristic with a set partitioning problem for even better solutions. This implementation currently uses the COIN Open Solver Interface (OSI) and the GLPK solver.
  • A modular design that can be extended to handle additional constraints


  • Click here to see the current change log.

Some time in April, 2009

  • VRPH-1.0.0 is released.

Supported Platforms

  • GNU/Linux (g++)
  • Microsoft Windows
    • CYGWIN (w/ g++ compiler)
    • Visual C++
  • Mac OSX (g++)


The current stable version of VRPH is 1.0 and the current release is 1.0.0.

Source code can be obtained either by

  • Downloading a snapshot of the source code for VRPH 1.0.0 from the VRPH source code download page, or
  • Checking out the latest stable source using a subversion client.

The recommended method is to use subversion because it makes it easier to obtain updates.

Quick Start Guide for Unix-like Environments

In a Unix-like environment (such as Linux or CYGWIN), the following commands may be used to obtain and build SYMPHONY from source using SVN in most cases.

svn checkout VRPH-1.0.0
cd VRPH-1.0.0
make test

This runs a quick test of the code on a small 50-node problem.

Documentation and Additional Information

Getting More Help

  • There is a VRPH user's mailing list for discussion. Please visit the mailing list home to join or view the archives.

Licensing and Authors

VRPH is written in C++ and is distributed as open source code under the Common Public License (CPL). It is available from the COIN-OR initiative. The author of the code is

  • Chris Groer

VRPH was developed while at the University of Maryland with advisor Bruce Golden.

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