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1To compile the VRPH library, and the four binaries,
2vrp_rtr, vrp_sa, vrp_ej, and vrp_init, you should just
3be able to run "make" from this directory (VRPH-1.0/).
5There are no external dependencies to build these applications
6and I have encountered no difficulties after trying
7various Linux and Cygwin installations.
9The VRPH-1.0/MSVC_2008 directory contains a VRPH.sln file that
10contains projects for building the VRPH library and these
11four applications.  Again, these are all self-contained
12and the solution should build with no warnings or errors.
14When you run "make" or build the Visual Studio solution,
15the VRPH-1.0 library (libvrph.a or vrph.lib) is created in
16the VRPH-1.0/lib/ directory.  The four applications are then
17created in the VRPH-1.0/bin directory by statically linking
18to this library.
20To build the vrp_sp application, you will
21need a working installation of Coin-OSI, CoinUtils, and
22the GLPK MIP solver.  Assuming this is the case, you then
23need to modify the directories in the makefile so that the
24compiler can find the relevant include and lib directories.
26To build the vrp_plotter application, you will need a working
27installation of the PLPlot library.  Then modify the directories
28in the makefile so that the compiler can find the include
29files and the PLPlot library.
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