The QAPsolver project is a collection of exact solvers for a growing class of interesting and challenging 0-1 assignment problems, including:

  • The quadratic assignment problem (QAP)
  • The generalized quadratic assignment problem (GQAP)
  • The quadratic 3-dimensional assignment problem (Q3AP)
  • The cross-dock door assignment problem (CDAP)
  • The generalized quadratic 3-dimensional assignment problem (GQ3AP)

and several other problems that can be formulated equivalently in areas such as location and design of factories, hospitals, depots, transportation hubs and military bases. See

Hahn, Zhu, Guignard-Spielberg and Smith, “Exact Solution of Emerging Quadratic Assignment Problems,” invited survey paper, International Transactions on Operations Research 17(5), 525–552, (2010).

Investigators contributing to the research and development of this project from 1997 to 2014 include Peter Hahn, Monique Guignard and Amir Roth at the University of Pennsylvania, William Hightower at High Point University and Matthew Saltzman and Warren Adams at Clemson University and James Smith at the University of Massachusetts. Hahn and Saltzman are project managers. Eventually, the project will contain a library of ten or more codes.

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