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Python Optimization Modeling Objects

Pyomo is a collection of open-source optimization-related Python packages that supports a diverse set of optimization capabilities for formulating and analyzing optimization models.

Pyomo Packages

Pyomo supports a diverse set of optimization capabilities that can be used formulate and analyze optimization applications:

  • Pyomo: Formulate algebraic models within Python's modern programming language
  • PySP: Generic solvers for stochastic programming problems

Pyomo Management

Pyomo Trac pages are hosted by both Sandia National Laboratories and COIN-OR. The Sandia Trac site is the main site for Pyomo, and the Pyomo home page at COIN-OR simply contains links to the Sandia site. Software can be downloaded from associated subversion repositories at Sandia and COIN-OR, but the Sandia subversion repository is used for Pyomo development.