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What is Tabu Search?

Tabu Search is a meta-strategy for guiding known heuristics past the traps of local optimality. Popularized by Glover in the early 90s, Tabu Search has been applied to integer programming problems involving scheduling, routing, traveling salesman and related problems.

What is OTS?

OpenTS is a java tabu search framework that helps you implement the popular tabu search meta-heuristic in a well-defined, object-oriented design. Among the key advantages of this framework:

  • Works with any problem type. You can solve vehicle routing problems, assignment problems, or your favorite packing problem. OpenTS makes no assumptions about the type of problem you may solve.
  • Offloads repetitive tabu search functions. You can define your problem and your ideal tabu search and leave the grunt work to OpenTS.
  • Logically organizes your tabu search. You can better explain and understand your tabu search when it follows the well-structured design of the OpenTS framework.
  • Exploits modern computer technology. You can take advantage of object-oriented programming and the cross-platform Java language including the ability to use multi-processor computers and deliver applications over the Internet.
  • Integrates goal programming. You can evaluate solutions in more than one dimension and compare solutions first by comparing the most important value, then the second, the third and so on.

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