Dec 29, 2011:

7:35 AM Ticket #49 (Dangling pointer in OSnl2osil) created by walter
In OSnl2osil's constructor has the following: […] Where nlfilename …
7:35 AM Ticket #48 (Many classes lack a method of performing a deep copy) created by walter
The OSInstance class contains pointers and the automatic copy and …
7:35 AM Ticket #47 (unittest fails if with Cplex) created by stefan
Hi, with the current trunk, I get […] It seems as if someone …

Dec 26, 2011:

10:04 AM Changeset [4413] by Gassmann
Revert OSAmplClient to version 4366 and update makefile

Dec 25, 2011:

2:09 PM Changeset [4412] by Gassmann
Add new command line parser (experimental!) and delete OSOptionsStruc.cpp
8:21 AM Changeset [4411] by Gassmann
Roll back OSSolverService.cpp and OSOptionsStruc.h

Dec 22, 2011:

6:13 PM Changeset [4410] by Gassmann
OSSolverAgent: Changed some variable types to suppress warning messages
6:11 PM Changeset [4409] by Gassmann
OSgL.xsd: Change GeneralFileHeader? type from "sequence" to "all"
5:16 PM Changeset [4408] by Gassmann
Added IP_noconstraint (i.e., box constraints only) in several versions
5:10 PM Changeset [4407] by Gassmann
enabled random objects in parsingTest.cpp

Dec 9, 2011:

6:17 AM Changeset [4406] by Gassmann
Code simplification in OSSolverService

Dec 8, 2011:

1:08 PM Changeset [4405] by Gassmann
Fixed a silly typo in OSSolverService.cpp
12:51 PM Changeset [4404] by Gassmann
Put the new command line parser into OSSolverService
9:03 AM Changeset [4403] by Gassmann
Added OSOptionsStruc.cpp, which parses a command line

Nov 30, 2011:

2:59 AM Changeset [4402] by kmartin
restoring OS/stable/2.4
2:57 AM Changeset [4401] by kmartin
creating OS/releases/2.4.2 from OS/stable/2.4 (rev 4400)
2:57 AM Changeset [4400] by kmartin
temporarily committing release candidate
1:38 AM Changeset [4399] by kmartin
update the configure.ac file to reflect new release
1:27 AM Changeset [4398] by kmartin
switching to ApplicationTemplates? release 1.2.2
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