To Do List for the new release 3.1.0

The following list the issues that we need to take care in the development version before we want to release it.

  • limited-memory quasi-Newton option
    • implementing BFGS and SR1 (done)
    • look at example runs to find possible bugs, exceptions etc
    • within reasonable efforts, try to make it robust, implement heuristics etc, but not with much more effort than so far
  • Update documentation:
    • quasi-Newton options (done AW 12/03/06)
    • derivative checker (done AW 12/03/06)
    • CUTEr (done AW earlier)
    • other linear solvers
    • LAPACK installation (also into configure [AW: finished configure 19/02/06])
  • Fixes:
    • avoid that algorithm stops because of tiny step just because perturbation parameter is too large
    • consider reset of perturbation parameter after restoration phase or other situations
    • make sure that the code respects bounds given by the user in returned solution (done AW 10/02/06)
    • improve upper mu bound in adaptive strategy (AW: added mu_max_fact 19/02/06)
    • allow user call-back to "stopping" the algorithm at arbitrary point (and return what we have at this point) (done AW week of 06/03/06)
    • graceful stop if all variables are fixed (currently crashes?) (done AW 11/03/06)
    • make sure that CUTEr installation works (where does the link ipoma.f -> ipoma_dummy.f come from?) - coordinate with Dominique? (done AW earlier)
    • How to handle 64bit in Fortran examples and CUTEr? (done AW 11/03/06)
    • Make sure that exploding regularization perturbation is handled correctly
  • If we have time and desire
    • examine corrector steps (and documentation?)
    • slack reset?
    • use libtool to create libraries (also DLLs and shared libraries!)
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