Logging into the Ipopt Trac Pages

Since we had some malicious attacks at our project's webpages, we had to add a simple password protection. If you want to change the content of a page or want to submit a bug ticket, please click on the "Login" link in the upper right corner of any page, and enter "guest" as user id, and "editor" as the password. After this, there will be an "Edit this page" button at the bottom of any page, which allows you to edit the page's content, as well as a "new Ticket" tab at the top of each page. Have a look at the WikiFormatting page for information how to write a wiki page.

When you edit a page, we appreciate if you could enter your email or some user name (instead of "guest") and a comment about your change in the appropriate fields, before you hit the "Submit changes" button.

We encourage you particularly to contribute to the

Success Stories

Hints and tricks

Papers related to Ipopt


Many thanks for any contribution!

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