Jun 26, 2018:

3:33 AM WikiStart edited by awinkler
2:27 AM WikiStart edited by awinkler

Jun 2, 2018:

9:56 AM Changeset [2723] by stefan
fix typo in changelog
9:53 AM Changeset [2722] by stefan
restoring Ipopt/stable/3.12
9:53 AM Changeset [2721] by stefan
creating Ipopt/releases/3.12.10 from Ipopt/stable/3.12 (rev 2720)
9:53 AM Changeset [2720] by stefan
temporarily committing release candidate
9:36 AM Changeset [2719] by stefan
sync with trunk
9:29 AM Ticket #274 (Configure Ipopt with latest WSMP) closed by stefan
wontfix: No response from reporter.
9:28 AM Ticket #273 (Compilation of IPOPT on OS X El Capitan) closed by stefan
worksforme: No response from reporter.
9:27 AM Ticket #275 (MacOSX El Capitan .dylib/.so mismatch) closed by stefan
fixed: With [2718], the library build on mac should be named correctly.
9:26 AM Changeset [2718] by stefan
use .dylib for jipopt on mac - fixes #275
9:18 AM Changeset [2717] by stefan
update changelog
9:05 AM Ticket #276 (compilation with lapack) closed by stefan
9:05 AM Ticket #277 ('Make' does not work on Windows 10 machine with Cygwin and MSVC++ compiler) closed by stefan
9:03 AM Ticket #278 ('make test' LNK errors) closed by stefan
9:02 AM Ticket #279 (Error when installing Matlab interface on Linux) closed by stefan
9:00 AM Ticket #280 (Ipopt Windows installation error with make install (Windows 10)) closed by stefan
8:57 AM Ticket #305 (windows Ipopt executables most often fail for all versions , while ...) closed by stefan
fixed: The problem can occur anywhere. But since it is about uninitialized …
8:55 AM Ticket #281 (Issue with configuring IPOPT) closed by stefan
8:54 AM Ticket #282 (cpp_example.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol ...) closed by stefan
8:48 AM Ticket #302 (Pyomo or Ipopt issue ?) closed by stefan
wontfix: No response from reporter. Maybe #305 is relevant.
8:45 AM WikiStart edited by stefan
8:35 AM Changeset [2716] by stefan
switch to ASL/stable/1.4 to get ASL 20180528, refs #305

May 27, 2018:

10:03 AM Changeset [2715] by stefan
do not read objtype if no objective - fixes an invalid read with …
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