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Welcome to the COIN-OR/GAMS links homepage

NOTE: The latest stable version (0.4) that these pages refer to is by now already a bit old. The provided links do not work with a current GAMS system due to changes in GAMS.
An experienced user may have a look at the trunk version, even though it is constantly changing. We are working towards creating a new stable branch.


This project is dedicated to the development of links between GAMS (General Algebraic Modeling System) and open source solvers. The links are written in C++ and are released as open source code under the Common Public Licence (CPL). The COIN-OR project leader for GAMSlinks is Stefan Vigerske (Humboldt-University Berlin).

Currently the following links are available:

Note that these solver links are also distributed with any regular GAMS distribution.

Download / Installation

The links should work under Linux (32 and 64 bit), Solaris on Intel (64 bit), and Darwin on Intel (32 bit) systems.

The latest stable version is GAMSlinks-latest-stable.png. You can obtain it via subversion by typing

  svn checkout GAMSlinks

See also the COIN-OR documentation for the download of source code and current issues for building COIN-OR code. Especially the build under Windows 32 bit is difficult and not suggested.

Please read the detailed installation instructions on the Installation page?.

Usage / Documentation

After installing the COIN-OR solvers in your GAMS system (see Installation page?), you can use the COIN-OR solvers as every other GAMS solver. For example, to use Ipopt as an NLP solver, you can use the following statement (before the solve statement) inside your GAMS program to specify using Ipopt:

  Option NLP = Ipopt;

Another way is to give the argument NLP=Ipopt to your gams call.
For more information we refer to the GAMS documentation.

For a documentation of the GAMS/COIN-OR links and their parameters please see the GAMS solver manuals.

The class documentation of the GAMSlinks code can be found here.