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(Formulation of Linear Optimization Problems in C++)

An open source algebraic modelling language implemented as a C++ class library.

IMPORTANT: This project is now maintained on Github: Please go to the repository there

Using FLOPC++, linear optimization models can be specified in a declarative style, similar to algebraic modelling languages such as GAMS and AMPL, within a C++ program. As a result the traditional strengths of algebraic modelling languages are preserved, while embedding linear optimization models in software applications is facilitated.

FLOPC++ can be used as a substitute for traditional modelling languages, when modelling linear optimization problems, but its principal strength lies in the fact that the modelling facilities are combined with a powerful general purpose programming language. This combination is essential for implementing efficient algorithms (using linear optimization for subproblems), integrating optimization models in user applications, etc.


  • The latest stable version of FlopC++ is FlopC++-latest-stable.png.
  • The latest release version of SYMPHONY is FlopC++-latest-release.png.
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February 10, 2012

November 5, 2011

August 25, 2011

  • New stable version 1.1 and stable release 1.1.0

Getting started

You can obtain the FLOPC++ source code either via subversion or in form of nightly generated tarballs. The recommended method is to use subversion because it makes it easier to obtain updates. The following commands may be used to obtain and build FLOPC++ from the source code using subversion:

  1. svn co coin-FlopCpp
  2. cd coin-FlopCpp
  3. ./configure
  4. make
  5. make test
  6. make install

Step 1 issues the subversion command to obtain the source code. Besides FLOPC++, the sources of these required Coin projects will also be retrieved.

Step 3 runs a configure script that generates the make file.

Step 4 builds the FLOPC++ library.

Step 5 builds and runs the FLOPC++ unit test program.

Step 6 installs libraries, executables and header files in directories coin-FlopCpp?/lib, coin-FlopCpp?/bin and coin-FlopCpp?/include.

The BuildTools project has additional details on downloading, building, and installing.

The MSVisualStudio project has information about building on Windows in the Microsoft Development Studio.

Mailing list

To join the FLOPC++ mailing list, register at

To send a mail to the list use flopcpp@…

Reporting a bug

To report a bug (or request a new feature), you can send an email to the FLOPC++ mailing list or create a new ticket directly by following this link

Doxygen Documentation

If you have Doxygen available, you can build the html documentation by typing

make doxydoc

in the directory coin-FlopCpp. Then open the file coin-FlopCpp/doxydoc/html/index.html with a browser.


New developments


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