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COIN-OR Cup Celebration: The most coveted award in computational O. R. to be presented by the 2007 Cup Chair, Brad Bell. Will you try for the cup? For submission guidelines, detailed map, and bar menu, see the Cup Announcement

Day: Monday, November 5
Time: 9:00 - 11:00pm
Resturant: The Seattle Cheesecake Factory (206) 652-5400
Location: 700 Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98109 (one block from the convention center)

User Meeting: Monday 12:15 in the Convention Center, Room 613. Have an item for the agenda? Add it to the wiki here.

Members and Users Meeting & Bag Lunch
Anyone interested in open-source software tools, open standards, and data and model repositories for any aspect of O. R. is encouraged to attend the Members and Users Meeting of the Computational Infrastructure for O. R. (COIN-OR). Bring your own lunch and ideas. For more information, visit


  • Annual summary
  • Current and upcoming priorities
  • Introductions of attendees
  • Q&A and discussion
  • Announcements

COIN-OR Cluster organized by Brian Borchers. Cluster Details

Giving a talk on open-source or work involving COIN-OR that's not in the cluster? Edit the wiki and add your talk.

  • Title: "An Alternative Discrete Choices Model by Customer Preferences" presented by Lijian Chen, Assistant Professor, University of Louisville, Department of Industrial Engineering, Speed School of Engineering, RM312, Louisville KY 40292. Abstract: In this paper, we study the problem of modeling the discrete customer choice behavior. We propose a model based on the concept of preference order. Using this model as an input, we propose a stochastic programming model to determine the resource allocation and solve it considerably fast. Simulation results are presented to illustrate the effectiveness of our method, including the comparison with the independent demands resource allocation model.
  • Title: "Stochastic Multi-stage Resource Allocation Model with Reservation" presented by Lijian Chen, Assistant Professor, University of Louisville, Department of Industrial Engineering, Speed School of Engineering, RM312, Louisville KY 40292. Abstract: We propose a resource reservation approach for the stochastic multi-stage resource allocation problem within a fixed time horizon. By reserving and releasing resources by stages, the scenario tree is significantly reduced and the non-convexity is eliminated. As a result, solving the multi-stage stochastic program becomes implementable for business scale problems. In the remaining part of the paper, we present the optimal condition and results.
  • Title: "DECOMP: A Framework for Decomposition in Integer Programming" presented by Matthew Galati, Optimization Interface Lead, SAS Institute. Abstract: Decomposition techniques such as Lagrangian Relaxation and Dantzig-Wolfe decomposition are well-known methods of developing bounds for discrete optimization problems. We draw connections between these classical approaches and techniques based on dynamic cut generation. We discuss methods for integrating cut generation and decomposition in a number of different contexts and present DECOMP, an open-source framework that provides a uniform interface for implementation of these various techniques.

Cut Generation Library Extravaganza: The Cut Generation Library (CGL) is a collection of cutting plane implementations. Started with just a couple generators in 2000 (written primarily for illustration), CGL currently has seventeen generators, each with its own primary developer. New requirements and design issues are part and parcel of the evolution. Users, current developers, future developers, and the strongly opinionated are invited to discuss their needs and wants (e.g., standard treatment of numerical tolerances across cut generators) and next steps. All are welcome. Feel free to edit the wiki and post your burning CGL issue to the agenda.

Day: Monday, November 5 (same night as the Cup Celebration)
Time: 8:30pm (1/2 hour before the Cup Celebration)
Venue: The Seattle Cheesecake Factory (same venue as the Cup Celebration)
Location: 700 Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98109 (one block from the convention center)

COIN-OR Booth: We'll be in booth 117 of the the exhibit area.

Volunteers welcome to "man the booth." Coverage of the booth is loosely organized. Got a half hour to volunteer? Just drop by the booth and jump in. For those of you who know your schedule, we'll also have a sign up sheet where you can let us know when you will be by to volunteer. Add any booth related comments to the wiki here.

Should we give away chocolate coins again? Oh, definitely. Especially the milk and dark chocolate. But maybe not the mint dark chocolate. We should hoard those :-).

Visit the Computational Infrastructure for Operations Research booth to learn about free open-source tools for O. R. professionals and students. COIN-OR is in its seventh year as a community initiative to build an open infrastructure of algorithms, models, data, and other digital tools. COIN-OR is hosted online by INFORMS and is a strategic partner of the INFORMS Computing Society.

COIN-OR Annual News Round Up We're gathering news for (i) article in the October issue of ORMS Today, and (2) an annual report summarizing "what's new" and "what's happening" with COIN-OR, and (3) a short article in the INFORMS Computing Society (CS) Fall Newsletter.

  • ORMS Today article: An article with highlights of 2007 accomplishments and a summary of COIN-OR events at INFORMS will appear in the October issue of ORMS Today. Thanks to everyone who sent items to info@… by Sept 9th for possible inclusion in the article. Here's the COIN-OR ORMS Today Article submitted text.
  • Annual Report 2007 That's right, we're doing it by wiki this year. Add your news to the Annual report. Say what you want, how you want, as long as you want. We'll pull the information as late as possible to create an "annual report" for distribution at INFORMS.
  • ICS article is promised to the editor by October 1, 2007. Got ideas on what should be highlighted? Wiki-away.

COIN-OR Report to the INFORMS Computing Society: To further their mutual goals, the COIN-OR Foundation, Inc. and the INFORMS Computing Society (ICS) formed a strategic partnership in 2006 to further. A report on the 2007 activities of COIN-OR will be given at the ICS business meeting, Monday evening, by COIN-OR Foundation Board Member, Lou Hafer. See the conference program for room and time information.

Outreach Committees INFORMS Seattle Planning Page The page with the big to-do list.

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