October 6--9

The COIN-OR Cup Celebration

The most coveted award in computational O.R., to be presented by the 2013 Cup Chair (who, by long tradition, is also one of the 2012 winners). For details on this year's celebration, see this page

COIN-OR Users Meeting

As is traditional, we will have a user's meeting during lunch on Monday, October 7.

  • Monday, October 7
  • Time: 12:30 - 1:30
  • Location: Center - 102D, Level 1
  • Organizer: Matthew Saltzman

Anyone interested in open-source software tools, open standards, and data and model repositories for any aspect of operations research is encouraged to attend the Members and Users Meeting of the Computational Infrastructure for OR (COIN-OR). Bring your own lunch and ideas.

Tentative Agenda

  • Annual summary
  • Current and upcoming priorities
  • Q&A and discussion
  • Announcements


Visit the Computational Infrastructure for Operations Research booth to learn about high-quality, free, open-source tools for OR professionals and students, suitable for commercial, educational, and personal use. COIN-OR is the place to go when you need a `white box' for algorithm research and development.

Booth: #59
Organizer: Matthew Saltzman

Volunteers are always welcome to "staff the booth." Got a half hour to volunteer? Drop by the booth and chat with other Coin-OR community members and random members of the public.

COIN-OR Annual News Round Up

We're gathering news for our Annual Report summarizing "what's new" and "what's happening" with COIN-OR. With some luck and ambition, this will also make it into the Computing Society Fall newsletter and an OR/MS Today article.

Add your news to the Annual Report 2013 wiki page. Say what you want, how you want, as long as you want. We'll pull the information as late as possible and edit it to create an Annual Report for distribution at INFORMS.

COIN-OR Report to the INFORMS Computing Society

To further their mutual goals, the COIN-OR Foundation, Inc. and the INFORMS Computing Society (ICS) formed a strategic partnership in 2006. A report on the 2013 activities of COIN-OR will be given at the ICS business meeting.

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