INFORMS 2008 COIN-OR Workshop

Organizers and speakers:

  • Brad Bell Brad Bell (bradbell at
  • Robin Lougee-Heimer (robinlh at
  • Kipp Martin Kipp Martin (kmartin at

All attendees will receive a CD with COIN-OR software (binaries will be provided for the major platforms -- Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X).


The COIN-OR Foundation provides an infrastructure for developing and distributing open-source software for operations research. During this workshop you will learn about, and receive a copy of, the wide variety of software that is freely available from COIN-OR. We will provide instructions and help for installing and running solvers for linear, integer, and nonlinear optimization on your laptop computer. During the workshop you will also learn how to compile and link your own code with some of the COIN-OR utilities. In addition, you will learn how to combine the COIN-OR algorithmic differentiation utility and nonlinear optimizer. This will include solving a nonlinear linear program on your laptop without having to program any of the corresponding derivatives. Finally, we will include instructions for how you can advantage of the infrastructure and include your open source package in COIN-OR.


Kipp's Slides -- may change before Saturday

Brad's Slides -- (also may change)

A seminar outline follows. In order to maximize your experience at the workshop you may wish to bring a notebook. See workshopsoftware for software requirements.

Seminar Outline

  1. Introduction
  • Open-source software

  • Benefits of open-source

  • Mission and structure of COIN-OR

  1. COIN-OR turn-key solutions

  • Distribute software CD and provide an overview of COIN-OR projects

  • Install OSSolverService on your laptop

  • Use OSSolverService to solve example problems
    • File formats -- MPS, OSiL, and nl
    • Solve a linear-programming problem on your laptop
    • Solve a mixed-integer linear-programming problem on your laptop
    • Solve a nonlinear-programming problem on your laptop

  • Web distribution of COIN-OR software.

  1. Source code level interfacing (see workshopsoftware )

  • Libraries and header files

  • Using COIN-OR application program interfaces
  • Build a model instance and solve corresponding problem instance

  • Tighten a linear program by adding COIN-OR cut generators
  • Use COIN-OR solvers as a basis for sophisticated applications

  1. Using algorithmic differentiation in nonlinear programming

  • What is Algorithmic Differentiation (AD)

  • Installing CppAD and Ipopt on your laptop

  • Use CppAD to compute derivatives for the Ipopt nonlinear solver
  • Solving the nonlinear program on your laptop

  1. Concluding remarks

  • Getting involved with COIN-OR

  • Contribution to an existing project

  • Contributing a new project

  • Brief summary

  • Questions

Follow-on During the Conference

COIN-OR will have a booth in the exhibit area of the conferece throughout the conference where you connect with experts on various COIN-OR tools. See the COIN-OR INFORMS 2008 Events wiki for other COIN-OR events at the conference.

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