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1Djinni 1.0 was written by Robert J. Hansen <>,
2based on a codebase originally written by Thomas and Ohlmann.
42.0: Overhauled by Tristan Thiede <> and
5     Robert J. Hansen.  Released at CodeCon 2006.
72.1: Massive rearchitecting by Hansen and Thiede.  Released at
8     OSCON 2006.
102.2: Totally overhauled build system, now using CMake instead of
11     Autotools.  Builds on far more systems (including MSVC!) and is
12     far easier to extend.  Praise and/or blame go to Hansen.
142.2.1: Returning to Autotools after some disappointments with CMake.
15     Fixed a memory leak.  No new functionality.  Praise and/or blame
16     go to Hansen.
182.2.2: A code overhaul to the deep back-end resulted in an almost 50%
19     speedup.  The API remains stable.  Praise and/or blame to Hansen.
212.2.3: Justin Goodson has eliminated a small bit of inefficiency in
22     Annealer.h.  The API remains stable.
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