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1In terms of copyright law, Robert J. Hansen <> is
2the sole copyright holder.  However, nothing good is created in a
3vacuum: lots of people have had a role to play in the development of
4Djinni, and they all deserve their fair credit.
6The compressed annealing algorithm is built from a specification from
7Professors Barrett Thomas and Jeffrey Ohlmann at the University of
8Iowa.  These two gentlemen created the first reference implementation
9of the compressed annealing algorithm, which was a tremendous help
10to Hansen while he was creating Djinni 1.0.
12During the 2.0 cycle, Tristan Thiede <>
13gave a hand with the architectural redesign and did a good bit of the
14coding.  He stayed on through the 2.1 cycle and helped with the
15architectural tweaks that ultimately made it into 2.2.
17Professor Justin Goodson <> gave valuable feedback
18during the 2.1 and 2.2 development cycle.  Nothing forces an engineer
19to re-evaluate old designs like a new set of eyes on a project and
20constant questions of, "so why did you do it that way?"  One of his
21questions ultimately led to the tremendous performance improvement
22in Djinni 2.2.1.
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