Feb 9, 2016 10:50:06 AM (4 years ago)

merge to branch: trunk
from repository: https://github.com/coin-or/CppAD
start hash code: c4559d5e01e1b0f09943490dd84449557eced25d
end hash code: 431e0a227dbfe6172d265d9d79a2b5b258c5bc18

commit 431e0a227dbfe6172d265d9d79a2b5b258c5bc18
Author: Brad Bell <bradbell@…>
Date: Tue Feb 9 07:41:29 2016 -0700

  1. Change package.sh to automatically update version on (master branch only).
  2. Change version.sh copy to check and change.

commit a14455414810cfe3c3e4bca90090defc2528a353
Author: Brad Bell <bradbell@…>
Date: Tue Feb 9 06:19:54 2016 -0700

Change check_verbatim to check_srcfile
because all but one of the verbatim commands were changed to srcfile commands.

check_include_omh.sh: old check that file names did not change case (for cygwin development).

commit 4ce45b796b57629332ab46d8ae6df94e0a1ed998
Author: Brad Bell <bradbell@…>
Date: Tue Feb 9 06:04:57 2016 -0700

batch_edit.sh to change $verbatim and $codep to $srcfile and $srccode.

det_by_minor.c: remove some invisible white space.

commit 56553b88c9623c30d2222425a9640b95ce4c8281
Author: Brad Bell <bradbell@…>
Date: Mon Feb 8 18:01:49 2016 -0700

check_jenkins.sh: jenkins.sh no longer takes an argument.
jenkins.sh: fix name of script in error message.

commit 3b8a208cfc7e8ef3c928c17eb291aa3b90ff0050
Author: Brad Bell <bradbell@…>
Date: Mon Feb 8 07:57:02 2016 -0700

new_release.sh: track branches in comments, back to master at OK end, first check of response.

commit 442b7cbc45c022776e8257d3c3404dccdd06c420
Author: Brad Bell <bradbell@…>
Date: Mon Feb 8 06:01:11 2016 -0700

  1. Advance to release 20160000.1.
  2. Check using master version of new_release.sh.
  3. Make sure auto-tools version up to date.
  4. Ask user if doing further testing before commiting new release.

commit f7bdd1f48e72feb05d604da63914022809f45c28
Author: Brad Bell <bradbell@…>
Date: Sun Feb 7 07:59:41 2016 -0700

Add shared library version number to cppad_lib; i.e., cppad_lib.yyyy.mmdd.rel

commit a4c716552e3ad05b337aea58b643c9ad1cbcd4ac
Author: Brad Bell <bradbell@…>
Date: Sun Feb 7 05:25:39 2016 -0700

Make cppad_lib libarary conditional on colpack_prefix being specified.

commit 5e8890eb8de8b0cde146a6ed59c391d7c355ff24
Author: Brad Bell <bradbell@…>
Date: Tue Jan 26 10:49:37 2016 -0700

vector.hpp: fix The -> This.

commit e4e5442b069d7b00e197c31616da32eee20460b3
Merge: c4559d5 ed28b89
Author: Brad Bell <bradbell@…>
Date: Tue Jan 26 09:47:58 2016 -0700

Merge pull request #14 from barak/master

fix spelling in description of cppad_profile_flag on cmake command line

commit ed28b899c9fedab52a578aa7dd73818638081fe6
Author: Barak A. Pearlmutter <barak+git@…>
Date: Tue Jan 26 16:24:32 2016 +0000


1 edited


  • trunk/test_more/old_mat_mul.cpp

    r3740 r3788  
    11// $Id$
    22/* --------------------------------------------------------------------------
    3 CppAD: C++ Algorithmic Differentiation: Copyright (C) 2003-15 Bradley M. Bell
     3CppAD: C++ Algorithmic Differentiation: Copyright (C) 2003-16 Bradley M. Bell
    55CppAD is distributed under multiple licenses. This distribution is under
    32 $verbatim%test_more/old_mat_mul.cpp%0%// BEGIN C++%// END C++%1%$$
     32$srcfile%test_more/old_mat_mul.cpp%0%// BEGIN C++%// END C++%1%$$
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