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1CppAD is available with both the CPL and GPL licenses; see the CppAD home page.
4is the CppAD home page.
7This mailing list is used for CppAD discussion and bug reporting. Only members
8of the mailing list can post messages (this avoids spam on the mailing list).
9You can join the mailing list using its general information page
13is the top level file for the user documentation of this version of CppAD.
14This version of the documentation has the mathematics displayed as latex.
17is another top level file for the user documentation of this version of CppAD.
18This version of the documentation has the mathematics displayed using MathML.
20Directories    Description
21===========    ===========
22bin            Helper shell and sed scripts used for CppAD development.
23bug            Directory containing demonstration of known bugs (may be empty)
24cppad          CppAD include directory (will be copied to prefix/include)
25cppad_ipopt    The CppAD interface to the Ipopt optimizer.
26doc            Directory containing the CppAD user documentation.
27example        Most all the CppAD example files are here.
28introduction   Contains an introduction to Algorithmic Differentiation.
29multi_thread   Multi-threading examples and tests.
30omh            Files for user documentation only (in OMhelp input format).
31pkgconfig      pkg-config support files.
32print_for      Example printing during forward mode, pkg-config support files.
33speed          Speed comparison tests for CppAD and other AD packages.
34test_more      Extra tests that are not intended as examples.
35uw_copy*.html  UW policy on intellectual property.
38Files          Description
39==========     ===========
40AUTHORS        Statement of authorship and copyright.
41Build          Script used by coin-or for nightly builds       Main shell script used for CppAD development.
43ChangeLog      Pointer to log of recent changes.   CppAD autoconf input file.
45COPYING        Statement of user license to use software.
46cpl1.0.txt     A copy of the CPL license version 1.0.     Root input file for CppAD user documentation tree.    Control file for CppAD developer documentation.
49gpl2.txt       A copy of the GPL license version 2.
50INSTALL        Points to README file.
51install-sh     A Gnu installation helper script.
52LICENSE        License for this version of CppAD.    Top level automake input file.    Top level autoconf/automake output file.
55missing        A Gnu installation helper script.
56NEWS           Pointer to release notes; i.e., whats new in this version.
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