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  1. Add a minimal atomic example called example/atomic/get_started.cpp.
  2. Advance version number in source to today.

optimize.hpp: Avoid warning with signed address type (used for testing).
atomic_base.hpp: Fix documentation, only zero order forward required.
reciprocal.cpp: fix spelling of now.
reverse.hpp: Fix bug in checking for nan during reverse mode.

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1             Statement of CppAD Authorship and Copyright
2             ===========================================
4To date, 2013-09-18, Bradley M. Bell is the sole author of CppAD.
5While Bradley M. Bell worked for the University of Washington during
6the development of CppAD, the following are also true:
81. The CppAD package was not written or maintained as part of any sponsored
9grant at the University of Washington.
112. Bradley M. Bell was not paid by the University of Washington for the time
12he worked on CppAD.
143. Working on CppAD was not part of Bradley M. Bell's normal duties at for the
15University of Washington.
17Thus, in accordance with Section 2 of the University of Washington's copyright
18policy (see the file uw_copy_040507.html in this directory) Bradley M. Bell is
19the copyright holder for CppAD.
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