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commit 64a62c68cb15d7edb1dec17315b5043b177abd71
Author: Brad Bell <bradbell@…>
Date: Sun Dec 3 08:15:28 2017 -0700

Add post_element and process_post to vector_of_sets concept.

commit 899186b45744814c0c181ae57c4de5afa1b85604
Author: Brad Bell <bradbell@…>
Date: Sun Dec 3 07:36:59 2017 -0700

sparse_list.hpp: use drop(i) for clearing out a set.

commit 6187af622944073da3c90b4b98113a83b00f03e8
Author: Brad Bell <bradbell@…>
Date: Sun Dec 3 06:36:36 2017 -0700

Change binary union of set and vector to be private.
sparse_list.hpp: start work on post operation.

commit 5f891a16ed55426bb777a6e53fa6a7a4fd5ac2e0
Author: Brad Bell <bradbell@…>
Date: Sun Dec 3 06:06:41 2017 -0700

Advance to cppad-20171203.
sparse_list.hpp: make data_[0] special marker at end of every list.

commit e28e55a2dfacef778e9561945074bcdbe2275bae
Author: Brad Bell <bradbell@…>
Date: Sat Dec 2 05:05:52 2017 -0700

sparse_list.hpp: make separte_copy easier to understand.

commit c17d006091085c23b7131448e3961ae01daea51c
Author: Brad Bell <bradbell@…>
Date: Sat Dec 2 04:48:42 2017 -0700

sparse_list.hpp: clean up check of data structure.

commit 52f9f0b306e4370a9060f53c492c9c200713c5ca
Author: Brad Bell <bradbell@…>
Date: Sat Dec 2 03:55:35 2017 -0700

Advance to cppad-20171202.

commit 08bc256bd8cb7d75693414b2c854805529c7b2ce
Author: Brad Bell <bradbell@…>
Date: Sat Dec 2 03:54:11 2017 -0700

Remove date from authors file.

commit f7203a857d74703f4732ea9a3c54d12e85286b55
Author: Brad Bell <bradbell@…>
Date: Sat Dec 2 03:45:30 2017 -0700

hold_reverse_memory.hpp: improve documentation.

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1             Statement of CppAD Authorship and Copyright
2             ===========================================
4Bradley M. Bell is the sole author of CppAD.
5While Bradley M. Bell worked for the University of Washington during
6the development of CppAD, the following are also true:
81. The CppAD package was not written or maintained as part of any sponsored
9grant at the University of Washington.
112. Bradley M. Bell was not paid by the University of Washington for the time
12he worked on CppAD.
143. Working on CppAD was not part of Bradley M. Bell's normal duties at for the
15University of Washington.
17Thus, in accordance with Section 2 of the University of Washington's copyright
18policy (see the file uw_copy_040507.html in this directory) Bradley M. Bell is
19the copyright holder for CppAD.
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