Aug 3, 2012:

9:43 AM Changeset [885] by pbelotti
updating to SCIP 3.0.0
9:40 AM Changeset [884] by pbelotti
addendum to previous commit
9:39 AM Changeset [883] by pbelotti
adding features to feasibility pump. Checking variables with multiplicity 0
9:38 AM WikiStart edited by pbelotti
9:37 AM WikiStart edited by pbelotti
9:33 AM WikiStart edited by pbelotti

Aug 2, 2012:

8:49 AM WikiStart edited by pbelotti
5:32 AM Changeset [882] by pbelotti
merged 881 from stable (fix segfault in constraint -x=0)
5:27 AM Changeset [881] by pbelotti
fix for constraint turning out -x=0

Aug 1, 2012:

8:17 AM Changeset [880] by pbelotti
restoring Couenne/stable/0.4
8:16 AM Changeset [879] by pbelotti
creating Couenne/releases/0.4.3 from Couenne/stable/0.4 (rev 878)
8:16 AM Changeset [878] by pbelotti
temporarily committing release candidate
6:42 AM Changeset [877] by pbelotti
minor fix for efficiency in disj cuts

Jul 31, 2012:

12:11 PM Changeset [876] by pbelotti
11:41 AM Ticket #10 (Couenne hangs on problem avion2) closed by pbelotti
fixed: Issue does not seem to arise again in stable/0.4 or trunk.
9:07 AM Ticket #20 (wrong dual bound reported when running with nonzero gap tolerance) closed by pbelotti
duplicate: Seems fixed with a change in Bonmin.
9:05 AM Ticket #18 (branching problem with unbounded variables) closed by pbelotti
fixed: With the recent revisions 874 this should no longer happen. It was …
9:02 AM Changeset [875] by pbelotti
merging 874 to fix infinite branching problem in ticket #18
8:56 AM Ticket #14 (feasible model declared infeasible) closed by pbelotti

Jul 30, 2012:

1:00 PM Changeset [874] by stefan
fixing ignored branching point
9:36 AM Ticket #17 (segmentation fault in expression::compare with exprCopy) closed by pbelotti
wontfix: Maxima/Minima? of functions are not to be used in formulating problems …
9:32 AM Ticket #13 (segmentation fault in CouenneProblem::realign()) closed by pbelotti
fixed: Should be fixed in stable/0.4 and trunk. Side effect of memory leak, …
9:16 AM Changeset [873] by pbelotti
merged fix 872 to ticket 13
9:13 AM Changeset [872] by pbelotti
probable fix to ticket #13

Jul 20, 2012:

2:56 PM Ticket #21 (optimal solution wrong when using CPLEX as LP solver (optimal values is ok)) created by stefan
Hi, with the attached instance, Couenne seems to report a wrong …

Jul 16, 2012:

5:07 PM Changeset [871] by stefan
merge r870 from stable/0.4
5:07 PM Changeset [870] by stefan
allow compiling with scip 3.0, too
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