Jan 30, 2012:

10:23 PM Ticket #8 (couenne says "infeasable" for feasable problem) closed by pbelotti
10:17 PM Ticket #7 (problem Couenne solver with AMPL input) closed by pbelotti
fixed: Tested again, duplicate constraints are now eliminated.
9:50 PM Changeset [808] by pbelotti
merged from trunk: last fixings on negative index objective
9:37 PM Changeset [807] by pbelotti
more checks for negative objective index (i.e. constant objective function)
7:11 PM Ticket #12 (wrong objective function value) closed by pbelotti
fixed: The issue seems resolved now both in trunk and stable/0.4.
6:44 PM Changeset [806] by pbelotti
merging const-objective-negative-index fixes from trunk
6:41 PM Changeset [805] by pbelotti
fixing negative index problems for constant objective
6:40 PM Changeset [804] by pbelotti
passing CouenneTNLP instead of Bonmin::TMINLP in non-AMPL -- testing …
6:38 PM Changeset [803] by pbelotti
warning on unboundedness when pure NLP is unbounded
6:11 PM Changeset [802] by pbelotti
fixing constant-objective glitches (merge from trunk)
3:29 PM Ticket #19 (couenne.exe crash on simple problem) closed by pbelotti
invalid: Close as invalid since the problem appears to be outside of Couenne.
11:48 AM Ticket #15 (Problems with COUENNE when constraints are swapped) closed by pbelotti
duplicate: Removed as duplicate of #16

Jan 29, 2012:

8:36 PM Changeset [801] by pbelotti
Externals reflects svn:externals. Merged changed to initial checkNLP2

Jan 28, 2012:

12:47 PM Ticket #19 (couenne.exe crash on simple problem) created by design@…
[…] […]
9:19 AM Changeset [800] by pbelotti
#ifdef'd inclusions of Nauty.h. Minor fixes

Jan 26, 2012:

12:42 AM Changeset [799] by pbelotti
changed checkNLP2 call of initial (in reformulation) solution to avoid …

Jan 25, 2012:

11:20 PM Changeset [798] by pbelotti
restoring Couenne/stable/0.4
11:19 PM Changeset [797] by pbelotti
creating Couenne/releases/0.4.1 from Couenne/stable/0.4 (rev 796)
11:19 PM Changeset [796] by pbelotti
temporarily committing release candidate
10:19 PM Changeset [795] by pbelotti
merging changes 792-793 trunk -> stable/0.4 (exposing feasible …
10:14 PM Changeset [794] by pbelotti
10:07 PM Changeset [793] by pbelotti
Created CouenneBab? from Bonmin::Bab. Putting CouenneRecordBestSol? to …

Jan 24, 2012:

12:24 PM Changeset [792] by pbelotti
fixing orbital branching in non-strong branching. Setting default …
12:18 PM Changeset [791] by pbelotti
putting right placeholder for Lagrangian extra-computation of OBBT. …

Jan 19, 2012:

3:38 PM Changeset [790] by jim_ostrowski
minor orbital bug fixed
3:28 PM Changeset [789] by jim_ostrowski
minor orbital branching updates

Jan 18, 2012:

8:39 AM Ticket #18 (branching problem with unbounded variables) created by stefan
Hi, for the QCP […] I have the problem that Couenne repeatedly …
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