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(edit) @1280   8 months stefan add COIN-OR project description file from conf/ to trunk/.coin-or
(edit) @1279   8 months stefan append CouenneOptions trac wiki page to
(edit) @1278   8 months stefan fixes to README
(edit) @1277   8 months stefan add trac wiki start page as
(edit) @1269   8 months stefan merge r1224,r1248,r1257 from trunk
(edit) @1268   8 months stefan merge r1258 from stable/0.5
(edit) @1267   8 months stefan remove unused lines from appveyor
(edit) @1266   8 months stefan update dependencies to latest stables - ThirdParty/SoPlex? 1.7 will …
(edit) @1265   12 months tkr Must build thir party to get Mumps and must not build with Visual Studio
(edit) @1264   12 months tkr Re-running the autotools
(edit) @1263   12 months tkr Adding installation of lapack
(edit) @1262   12 months tkr Updating Travis and Appveyor to new build script and new build images
(edit) @1260   14 months pbelotti run perf indicator for OBBT only when OBBT is run
(edit) @1256   14 months pbelotti missing { and indented instruction
(edit) @1253   14 months pbelotti update Ipopt version in externals
(edit) @1252   14 months pbelotti add performance indicator to OBBT
(edit) @1250   19 months pbelotti copy new parameter
(edit) @1249   19 months tkr Fixing small problem in appveyor.yml
(edit) @1247   20 months pbelotti fix open brace
(edit) @1244   20 months pbelotti clean up
(edit) @1242   22 months pbelotti fix behavior for freq=0, make it more gradual for freq < 0
(edit) @1241   22 months pbelotti fix behavior for freq=0, make it more gradual for freq < 0
(edit) @1240   22 months pbelotti fix compilation error
(edit) @1238   22 months pbelotti change of behavior in fixpoint bound reduction: depth based instead of …
(edit) @1237   22 months pbelotti #undefine strtod for fix already done in stable/0.5
(edit) @1236   22 months pbelotti indentation
(edit) @1234   23 months pbelotti fix duplicate index in fixpoint
(edit) @1232   23 months pbelotti use right index bound for new constraint
(edit) @1230   23 months pbelotti use right index bound for new constraint
(edit) @1228   2 years pbelotti added fixpoint LP missing constraints
(edit) @1227   2 years pbelotti avoid compiler error with gcc >= 6.2
(edit) @1226   2 years pbelotti updated externals
(edit) @1222   3 years stefan get it compiling with scip 4.0
(edit) @1221   3 years stefan megre r1220 from trunk
(edit) @1219   4 years tkr One more fix to .travis.yml
(edit) @1218   4 years tkr Updating .travis.yml
(edit) @1217   4 years tkr Fixing typo in appveyor.yml
(edit) @1216   4 years tkr Updating appveyor.yml
(edit) @1215   4 years tkr Changing ASL dependency to trunk for now due to bug
(edit) @1214   4 years tkr Updating appveyor.yml
(edit) @1213   4 years tkr Adding appveyor.yml
(edit) @1212   4 years tkr Re-running the autotools with updated coin.m4
(edit) @1211   4 years tkr Changing order of Dependencies
(edit) @1210   4 years tkr Updating .travis.yml for new version of build script
(edit) @1209   4 years tkr Installing gfortran properly on OS X images for Travis testing
(edit) @1208   4 years tkr Allowing failures on OSX until we work out the issues
(edit) @1207   4 years tkr Suppress build output
(edit) @1206   4 years tkr Suppress build output
(edit) @1205   4 years tkr Suppress build output
(edit) @1204   4 years tkr Only build on Linux for now because of Fortran
(edit) @1203   4 years tkr Suppressing output
(edit) @1202   4 years tkr Adding Travis file
(edit) @1201   4 years pbelotti update externals
(edit) @1200   4 years pbelotti n/a
(edit) @1194   4 years pbelotti comparison operator for top-level auxiliary (with sign)
(edit) @1192   4 years pbelotti merge changeset for fixing .sol saving in trivially infeasible problem
(edit) @1185   4 years stefan merge r1182, r1183, r1184 from stable/0.5: fixes for signpower
(edit) @1180   4 years stefan add support for upcoming SCIP 3.2
(edit) @1176   4 years pbelotti eliminating AMPL evaluation error messages
(edit) @1158   4 years pbelotti do not use exprClone in readnl to split function (e.g. tan(f(x)) into …
(edit) @1156   4 years stefan merge r851 from stable/0.4: followup fix for r846
(edit) @1153   4 years stefan update mergeinfo for Couenne/doxydoc
(edit) @1152   4 years stefan update mergeinfo for Couenne/doxydoc
(edit) @1151   4 years stefan merge stable/0.5 into trunk: updates on mergeinfo only
(edit) @1150   4 years stefan merge r1145, r1146, r1147 from stable/0.5
(edit) @1149   4 years stefan update externals to recent releases; rerun autotools again
(edit) @1148   4 years stefan fix check for HSL source: with upgrading to ThirdParty?/HSL >= 1.4, the …
(edit) @1139   5 years tkr Updating for doxygen targets
(edit) @1138   5 years tkr Re-running autotools after doxygen update
(edit) @1137   5 years tkr Re-running the autotools after adding doxygen targets
(edit) @1136   5 years tkr Fixing up doxdoc stuff
(edit) @1135   5 years tkr Fixing up doxygen stuff
(edit) @1127   5 years tkr Fixing link failure when not using dependency linking due to removal …
(edit) @1126   5 years tkr Fixing complaint by MSVC compiler about ambiguous call to overloaded …
(edit) @1125   5 years pbelotti updating externals
(edit) @1124   5 years pbelotti eliminating libBonCouenne as it's a copy of libCouenne
(edit) @1120   5 years pbelotti setting default output levels for more Couenne, less CLP/Ipopt
(edit) @1112   5 years tkr Patching to work with DESTDIR
(edit) @1111   5 years tkr Pathing to work with DESTDIR
(edit) @1103   5 years pbelotti restoring Couenne/trunk
(edit) @1101   5 years pbelotti temporarily committing stable candidate
(edit) @1097   5 years pbelotti save an empty .sol file even when problem infeasible after BT
(edit) @1094   5 years pbelotti check duplicate indices (should be done earlier...). introduce …
(edit) @1089   5 years pbelotti re-reading cMS in main() in case recordModsol appeared
(edit) @1087   5 years pbelotti ignoring free constraints
(edit) @1086   5 years pbelotti closing solution file after writing
(edit) @1085   5 years pbelotti initAuxs() for <= and >= auxiliaries should not set auxs if bounds are …
(edit) @1084   5 years pbelotti added option for saving solution as pairs (index, value)
(edit) @1083   5 years pbelotti cosmetic changes
(edit) @1081   5 years pbelotti compare right pointer, not their ExprCopy? or ExprClone?
(edit) @1080   5 years pbelotti avoid accessing auxs that were written off (i.e. their …
(edit) @1079   5 years pbelotti new externals
(edit) @1078   5 years pbelotti saved one loop over Hessian in FP
(edit) @1077   5 years pbelotti use right norm when computing coefficients for FP terms
(edit) @1076   5 years pbelotti normalize terms of FP; fix option help strings for lp_solver
(edit) @1075   6 years pbelotti since options 5 and 6 of milp method in FP are preliminary to a SCIP …
(edit) @1074   6 years pbelotti added rounding (option 6 of FP milp); do getIntCand even if no Nsol …
(edit) @1073   6 years pbelotti FP: ignore asserts on equal bounds between CBC and Couenne, copy them …
(edit) @1072   6 years pbelotti added getIntCandidate solution to SCIP
(edit) @1071   6 years pbelotti tweaked performance of FP MILP methods, added option 5 for …
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