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(edit) @490   10 years pbelotti cut repeated (EPL)…
(edit) @488   10 years pbelotti CPL -> EPL
(edit) @487   10 years pbelotti adopting new build system in trunk
(edit) @457   10 years pbelotti better SOS recognition. Efficiency, cosmetic, output changes
(edit) @441   10 years pbelotti trying to get common expressions right. using orbital BT. fix on …
(edit) @414   11 years pbelotti temporary fix to be able to read COIN_HAS_NTY
(edit) @377   11 years pbelotti fixing storage best solution, moving includes, small changes to FP
(edit) @349   11 years pbelotti Added Couenne namespace. Committed old code for Feas Pump. Added code …
(edit) @336   11 years pbelotti adding empty code for sdp cuts
(edit) @329   11 years pbelotti cleanup
(edit) @322   11 years pbelotti Added support for Nauty
(edit) @312   11 years pbelotti gave Couenne prefix to all header files
(edit) @311   11 years pbelotti re-organizing interface and heuristic files and directories
(edit) @308   11 years pbelotti minor fixes
(edit) @288   11 years pbelotti adding lib and include support for Nauty
(edit) @246   12 years stefan translate ampl infty to couenne infty
(edit) @235   12 years stefan trigger writing of solution file; print statistics and globopt check …
(edit) @233   12 years stefan make timing static, so it does not give conflict with timing symbol in …
(edit) @232   12 years stefan start separating out ampl interface, needed changes in CouenneSetup?
(edit) @230   12 years pbelotti undid some leak-fixing code. Eliminated some useless debug memory …
(edit) @184   12 years pbelotti fixing compilation problem for stdint.h
(edit) @180   12 years pbelotti added inclusion of stdint.h for 64bit compatibility
(edit) @154   12 years pbelotti Id'd all remaining files
(edit) @112   12 years pbelotti isolate restoreUnused to when there is at least one unused -- takes …
(edit) @104   12 years stefan dirty fix: temporarily add code in readnl to problem to resolve …
(edit) @98   12 years pbelotti fixed dynamic_cast on wrong pointer, and made all other dynamic_cast's …
(edit) @96   12 years stefan resolve some circular dependencies by moving more into …
(edit) @93   12 years pbelotti new library modularization (broken with debug)
(edit) @82   12 years pbelotti giving Couenne its own name…
(edit) @80   12 years pbelotti trying again compatibility with MSVC
(edit) @79   12 years pbelotti name fixing. Trying to fix a crippling cast conversion for function …
(edit) @78   12 years pbelotti increase nOrigVars_ in CouenneProblem::addVariables (cleaner)
(edit) @64   12 years pbelotti fix bug with expressions (f(x)-f(x)). fixed some leaks. Made …
(edit) @40   12 years pbelotti separating problem handling from AMPL reading
(copy) @5   12 years pbelotti added projDesc.xml, created trunk/ directory
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(add) @1   12 years coin Initial import
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