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(edit) @587   9 years pbelotti BonCouenne?.cpp: stabilizing pointers for PrintInfo?() added by …
(edit) @586   9 years fmargot Couenne/src/main/BonCouenne.cpp: add ifdef FM_RES for storing results …
(edit) @577   9 years pbelotti restoring FP for tests. Changing branching point on integer variables …
(edit) @575   9 years fmargot Fixes bugs related to use of CouenneRecordBestSol?
(edit) @574   9 years fmargot Fix bugs related to CouenneRecordBestSol?, add flags FM_UP_BND and …
(edit) @573   9 years fmargot CouenneRecordBestSol? and checkNLP2
(edit) @571   9 years pbelotti added code to compile recordBestSol. minor fixes
(edit) @533   9 years pbelotti added counter for symmetry branching. moved symmetry group comps to a …
(edit) @530   9 years pbelotti removed unnecessary #includes of CouenneConfig?.h. fixed a few warnings.
(edit) @488   9 years pbelotti CPL -> EPL
(edit) @487   9 years pbelotti adopting new build system in trunk
(edit) @454   10 years pbelotti minor improvements in output and domain
(edit) @446   10 years pbelotti compile sdpcuts code
(edit) @445   10 years pbelotti fix a couple of compilation errors
(edit) @441   10 years pbelotti trying to get common expressions right. using orbital BT. fix on …
(edit) @425   10 years pbelotti fix linearization bug with w <= x/y auxiliary variables. Fixing …
(edit) @424   10 years pbelotti improved output level (unified output level). Undoing a change by Jim …
(edit) @407   10 years pbelotti fixed SOS branching -- use "enable_sos true" to use. Use getMatrByRow …
(edit) @401   10 years pbelotti fixing some signs in twoImpliedBT
(edit) @399   10 years pbelotti added header. adding FBBT to two-implied bound tightening
(edit) @382   10 years pbelotti testing fixpoint
(edit) @377   10 years pbelotti fixing storage best solution, moving includes, small changes to FP
(edit) @349   10 years pbelotti Added Couenne namespace. Committed old code for Feas Pump. Added code …
(edit) @335   10 years pbelotti change nlp solver interface to access options. Solving ticket #4 on …
(edit) @312   10 years pbelotti gave Couenne prefix to all header files
(edit) @311   10 years pbelotti re-organizing interface and heuristic files and directories
(edit) @232   11 years stefan start separating out ampl interface, needed changes in CouenneSetup?
(edit) @154   11 years pbelotti Id'd all remaining files
(edit) @103   11 years pbelotti fixed bug in zero-multiplicity original variables: they are set to …
(edit) @79   11 years pbelotti name fixing. Trying to fix a crippling cast conversion for function …
(edit) @55   11 years stefan make windows quiet
(edit) @42   11 years pbelotti added CouenneInterface? argument to initializeCouenne
(edit) @41   11 years pbelotti fix
(edit) @40   11 years pbelotti separating problem handling from AMPL reading
(edit) @37   11 years pbelotti other changes to make Couenne less dependent on ASL
(edit) @13   12 years pbelotti new set of test files
(edit) @12   12 years pbelotti fix compilation error
(edit) @11   12 years pbelotti removed old data files for check, updated INSTALL file. Added new …
(copy) @5   12 years pbelotti added projDesc.xml, created trunk/ directory
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(add) @1   12 years coin Initial import
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