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(edit) @490   10 years pbelotti cut repeated (EPL)…
(edit) @488   10 years pbelotti CPL -> EPL
(edit) @487   10 years pbelotti adopting new build system in trunk
(edit) @472   10 years pbelotti cut debug output in trilinear
(edit) @471   10 years pbelotti latest changes by Sonia
(edit) @470   10 years pbelotti fixing bugs on trilinear
(edit) @469   10 years pbelotti fixed trilinear cuts. moved Fixed Point FBBT ahead of convexification cuts.
(edit) @467   10 years pbelotti fixed small bug in FP. Saving variables in exprGroups cuts
(edit) @466   10 years pbelotti quick fix for downEstimate-upEstimate assert problem. Still working on …
(edit) @462   10 years pbelotti fixing some bad leaks. trilinear still doesn't get small examples right
(edit) @461   10 years pbelotti prettier print in trilinear gencuts
(edit) @460   10 years pbelotti cut some useless output, separated exprMul reformulator
(edit) @459   10 years pbelotti added last case for trilinear terms, bi+tri
(edit) @458   10 years pbelotti introducing trilinear convexification (code partly implemented by …
(edit) @457   10 years pbelotti better SOS recognition. Efficiency, cosmetic, output changes
(edit) @454   10 years pbelotti minor improvements in output and domain
(edit) @451   10 years pbelotti fixing some inefficiencies in two-implied bounds
(edit) @446   10 years pbelotti compile sdpcuts code
(edit) @441   10 years pbelotti trying to get common expressions right. using orbital BT. fix on …
(edit) @427   11 years pbelotti half-fixed bug that cuts optimum in nvs01
(edit) @425   11 years pbelotti fix linearization bug with w <= x/y auxiliary variables. Fixing …
(edit) @424   11 years pbelotti improved output level (unified output level). Undoing a change by Jim …
(edit) @420   11 years pbelotti generating orbit vector as pointer. Adding orbit-based bound …
(edit) @414   11 years pbelotti temporary fix to be able to read COIN_HAS_NTY
(edit) @404   11 years pbelotti passing cs OsiColCuts? between BT and cutting planes, and added code to …
(edit) @402   11 years pbelotti Added infeasible cut generator to avoid expensive cut generation after …
(edit) @399   11 years pbelotti added header. adding FBBT to two-implied bound tightening
(edit) @396   11 years pbelotti introduced integer branching priority. Made tight multilinear …
(edit) @379   11 years pbelotti added integer addEnvelope to initial linearization too. Fixing NLP in FP
(edit) @377   11 years pbelotti fixing storage best solution, moving includes, small changes to FP
(edit) @376   11 years pbelotti reshuffled option registration to move where they belong
(edit) @373   11 years pbelotti fixing tolerance-dependent bug on powers
(edit) @364   11 years pbelotti fix uninitialized rhs for lifted tangent inequalities. Some cleanup
(edit) @363   11 years pbelotti fixed nonsense linearization cut w=xy with x,y binary and w>=1
(edit) @361   11 years pbelotti fixed bug on integer linearization cut
(edit) @360   11 years pbelotti fixing reformulation problem affecting minlplib/ex1252
(edit) @358   11 years pbelotti fix integer envelope cut when bounds are too close
(edit) @357   11 years pbelotti added variant of envelope cut with integer independent variable
(edit) @350   11 years pbelotti fixing strange linearization behavior in exprPow
(edit) @349   11 years pbelotti Added Couenne namespace. Committed old code for Feas Pump. Added code …
(edit) @336   11 years pbelotti adding empty code for sdp cuts
(edit) @322   11 years pbelotti Added support for Nauty
(edit) @317   11 years pbelotti different treatment of case 5 of bounded bilinear (thanks to Andrew J. …
(edit) @315   11 years pbelotti some fixes on semi-auxiliaries (esp. on multilinear terms)
(edit) @312   11 years pbelotti gave Couenne prefix to all header files
(edit) @308   11 years pbelotti minor fixes
(edit) @307   11 years pbelotti introducing semi-auxiliaries, i.e., variables defined with an …
(edit) @303   11 years pbelotti separation of cuts for bilinear terms
(edit) @296   11 years pbelotti bilinear: added check for points in bounding box
(edit) @292   11 years stefan merge chgset 289 from stable/0.3 to trunk: do not print to stdout
(edit) @290   11 years pbelotti tighter cuts for bounded bilinear terms
(edit) @288   11 years pbelotti adding lib and include support for Nauty
(edit) @267   12 years stefan some fixes to options documentation; integrate some docu from manual
(edit) @230   12 years pbelotti undid some leak-fixing code. Eliminated some useless debug memory …
(edit) @227   12 years stefan fix a few memory leaks
(edit) @223   12 years pbelotti CouenneProblem? independent of CouenneCutGenerator?. Trying to fix some …
(edit) @217   12 years pbelotti eliminated useless OsiSolverInterface? parameter in all expr*::generateCuts
(edit) @215   12 years pbelotti templatized CouenneSolverInterface?. Fixed a few branching bugs. Every …
(edit) @200   12 years pbelotti restored less negative fictitious LP obj lower bound
(edit) @191   12 years pbelotti fixed some zero down/up estimate setting. A little speedup in …
(edit) @190   12 years pbelotti added option for enabling LP-based (implied) bound tightening
(edit) @188   12 years stefan allow to initialize CouenneCutGenerator? without BabSetupBase?
(edit) @179   12 years pbelotti added option for different value of strong branching (product of min & …
(edit) @158   12 years pbelotti added partial treatment of dual infeasibility (of continuous …
(edit) @151   12 years pbelotti ignore defined variables (aka common expressions) in nlp interface
(edit) @141   12 years pbelotti do abt on objective variable too. change fictitious bound differently …
(edit) @139   12 years pbelotti fixed power bounds (thanks again Stefan...)
(edit) @136   12 years pbelotti added context flag for CouenneSolverInterface::resolve -- check for …
(edit) @131   12 years pbelotti looser checks on bound tightening -- should prevent good upper/lower …
(edit) @130   12 years pbelotti added option for reduced cost bound tightening
(edit) @126   12 years pbelotti avoid nonsense cutoffs and NaN infeasibilities
(edit) @112   12 years pbelotti isolate restoreUnused to when there is at least one unused -- takes …
(edit) @103   12 years pbelotti fixed bug in zero-multiplicity original variables: they are set to …
(edit) @96   12 years stefan resolve some circular dependencies by moving more into …
(edit) @93   12 years pbelotti new library modularization (broken with debug)
(edit) @61   12 years pbelotti fixed some method for quadratic functions. Deleted useless problem print.
(edit) @40   12 years pbelotti separating problem handling from AMPL reading
(edit) @39   12 years pbelotti Merging some of the latest changes from Bonmin/branches/Couenne: added …
(edit) @36   12 years pbelotti make CCG and CP a little more usable from outside of Couenne
(edit) @34   12 years pbelotti faster forward BT. Eliminated foolish generation of expressions every …
(edit) @25   12 years pbelotti included methods in BonCouenne?*.cpp files in libCouenne
(edit) @9   12 years pbelotti minor fixes to compile with debug enabled
(copy) @5   12 years pbelotti added projDesc.xml, created trunk/ directory
copied from Couenne/src/convex:
(add) @1   12 years coin Initial import
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