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(edit) @488   10 years pbelotti CPL -> EPL
(edit) @487   10 years pbelotti adopting new build system in trunk
(edit) @458   10 years pbelotti introducing trilinear convexification (code partly implemented by …
(edit) @449   10 years pbelotti fixed two bugs in orbital branching
(edit) @441   10 years pbelotti trying to get common expressions right. using orbital BT. fix on …
(edit) @431   10 years giacomo.n Iterative Rounding Makefiles
(edit) @412   11 years pbelotti Added #ifs for compiling symmetry code only when Nauty is present
(edit) @409   11 years jim_ostrowski Adding orbital branching features to Couenne
(edit) @393   11 years pbelotti added two-inequality implied cut generator
(edit) @388   11 years pbelotti adding aux-aux cut generator
(edit) @387   11 years pbelotti introducing parameter for number of FBBT iterations
(edit) @381   11 years pbelotti added fbbt fixpoint bound tightener, based on the solution of a large …
(edit) @377   11 years pbelotti fixing storage best solution, moving includes, small changes to FP
(edit) @373   11 years pbelotti fixing tolerance-dependent bug on powers
(edit) @349   11 years pbelotti Added Couenne namespace. Committed old code for Feas Pump. Added code …
(edit) @336   11 years pbelotti adding empty code for sdp cuts
(edit) @314   11 years pbelotti minor changes in some Makefile.{in,am}'s
(edit) @312   11 years pbelotti gave Couenne prefix to all header files
(edit) @311   11 years pbelotti re-organizing interface and heuristic files and directories
(edit) @288   11 years pbelotti adding lib and include support for Nauty
(edit) @258   12 years pbelotti added empty code for orbital branching
(edit) @103   12 years pbelotti fixed bug in zero-multiplicity original variables: they are set to …
(edit) @96   12 years stefan resolve some circular dependencies by moving more into …
(edit) @95   12 years pbelotti added BonCouenne? code to libCouenne for OS
(edit) @94   12 years stefan try to reorder libraries to resolve dependencies... but fail (still …
(edit) @93   12 years pbelotti new library modularization (broken with debug)
(edit) @92   12 years stefan use relative path to bonmin objdir because of windows/cygwin
(edit) @90   12 years stefan temporarily install ThirdParty?/ASL/amplsolv* into lib because it is …
(edit) @89   12 years stefan for a debug build, libbonminampl need to come before libamplinterface, …
(edit) @88   12 years stefan try to fix last commit: link libamplsolver.a into couenne executable …
(edit) @87   12 years stefan temporarily include amplsolver.a and and …
(edit) @67   12 years stefan install header files into include/coin (like most other coin projects too)
(edit) @39   12 years pbelotti Merging some of the latest changes from Bonmin/branches/Couenne: added …
(edit) @33   12 years pbelotti fixed a few memory leaks. Last commit before merging part of the …
(edit) @27   12 years pbelotti added CouenneJournalist?.hpp to Makefile
(edit) @26   12 years pbelotti fix misplaced .hpp in
(edit) @25   12 years pbelotti included methods in BonCouenne?*.cpp files in libCouenne
(edit) @9   12 years pbelotti minor fixes to compile with debug enabled
(copy) @5   12 years pbelotti added projDesc.xml, created trunk/ directory
copied from Couenne/src/
(add) @1   12 years coin Initial import
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