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(edit) @934   7 years pbelotti introduced sparsify option. Fixed leak in CouenneScalar?. Half-baked …
(edit) @933   7 years pbelotti partial cleanup in CutGen?.cpp. Added option on sparsity, not yet used. …
(edit) @932   7 years pbelotti fixed additionalSDPcuts
(edit) @931   7 years pbelotti fixed leaks in sdpcuts. updated dependencies
(edit) @930   7 years pbelotti using sparse sdp cuts code, cleaned some sdpcuts code. Minor leak in …
(edit) @929   7 years pbelotti counting elements in PSD product matrix
(edit) @928   7 years stefan use C/C++ syntax
(edit) @927   7 years stefan merge r926 from stable/0.4
(edit) @926   7 years stefan make clear which one should be the default constructor
(edit) @925   7 years stefan merge r923 and r924 from stable/0.4 and extend to 3 global variables
(edit) @924   7 years stefan fix use of global var
(edit) @923   7 years stefan move global variable nOrbBr into couenne library, so users don't have …
(edit) @922   7 years pbelotti replacing config.h with CouenneConfig?.h for F77_FUNC
(edit) @921   7 years pbelotti using F77_FUNC for dsyevx_ wrapper
(edit) @920   7 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @919   7 years pbelotti added options on number of sdp cuts
(edit) @918   7 years pbelotti making cuts numerically stable (i.e. without 1.7e307 coefficients)
(edit) @917   7 years pbelotti fixed bad rhs update
(edit) @916   7 years pbelotti still getting bad cuts from sparse recurring (xi both in matrix and on …
(edit) @915   7 years pbelotti fixing nans on very sparse matrices
(edit) @914   7 years pbelotti working on most non-full matrices
(edit) @913   7 years pbelotti allowing sparse X_ij matrices as well. Made ground for MISDP solver, …
(edit) @912   7 years pbelotti now ready to separate cuts for any matrix
(edit) @911   7 years pbelotti sdpcuts now work on fully dense matrices.
(edit) @910   7 years pbelotti toward separating sdp cuts on fully dense X matriX
(edit) @909   7 years pbelotti removing output stuff
(edit) @908   7 years pbelotti clean-up of sdp cuts
(edit) @907   7 years pbelotti merged change 906 in trunk
(edit) @906   7 years pbelotti making sure lb<ub, for real…
(edit) @905   7 years pbelotti merged change 904 from trunk
(edit) @904   7 years pbelotti use X from problem->domain as initial nlp point if none available in …
(edit) @903   7 years pbelotti merged change 902 on consistent lb/ub passed to Ipopt
(edit) @902   7 years pbelotti checking lb<ub before passing to Ipopt
(edit) @901   8 years pbelotti project NLP hessian on SDP cone before using it for FP
(edit) @900   8 years pbelotti fixing not-so-integer variable
(edit) @899   8 years pbelotti more unNULLed pushes
(edit) @898   8 years pbelotti fixing two ninja bugs affecting iSol assignment and problem passing (a …
(edit) @897   8 years pbelotti enforcing integrality in iSol (FP) to avoid non-integer problems in …
(edit) @896   8 years pbelotti checking time limit in more points within FP
(edit) @895   8 years pbelotti bail out of FP if time limit reached
(edit) @894   8 years pbelotti passing reasonable bounds to SCIP
(edit) @893   8 years pbelotti fixed solution size in FP that caused some segfaults. Changed …
(edit) @892   8 years pbelotti possible fix to csched1 problem in scipSolve
(edit) @891   8 years pbelotti assert only for integer variables. Check multiplicity
(edit) @890   8 years pbelotti fixing internal loop. Fixed bug in replace iSol
(edit) @889   8 years pbelotti communicate objective value from MILP. Compare solutions more properly …
(edit) @888   8 years stefan merge r887 from stable/0.4: bad workaround for sideeffect of other bad …
(edit) @887   8 years stefan workaround sideeffect of recordbestsol workaround: if cbc solved a …
(edit) @886   8 years pbelotti partial unification of checkNLP. FP now take extra steps in-loop to …
(edit) @885   8 years pbelotti updating to SCIP 3.0.0
(edit) @884   8 years pbelotti addendum to previous commit
(edit) @883   8 years pbelotti adding features to feasibility pump. Checking variables with multiplicity 0
(edit) @882   8 years pbelotti merged 881 from stable (fix segfault in constraint -x=0)
(edit) @881   8 years pbelotti fix for constraint turning out -x=0
(edit) @880   8 years pbelotti restoring Couenne/stable/0.4
(edit) @879   8 years pbelotti creating Couenne/releases/0.4.3 from Couenne/stable/0.4 (rev 878)
(edit) @878   8 years pbelotti temporarily committing release candidate
(edit) @877   8 years pbelotti minor fix for efficiency in disj cuts
(edit) @876   8 years pbelotti cosmetic
(edit) @875   8 years pbelotti merging 874 to fix infinite branching problem in ticket #18
(edit) @874   8 years stefan fixing ignored branching point
(edit) @873   8 years pbelotti merged fix 872 to ticket 13
(edit) @872   8 years pbelotti probable fix to ticket #13
(edit) @871   8 years stefan merge r870 from stable/0.4
(edit) @870   8 years stefan allow compiling with scip 3.0, too
(edit) @869   8 years stefan undo r866 and update externals to current releases of dependencies …
(edit) @868   8 years stefan merge r867 from stable/0.4: fixes to options docu
(edit) @867   8 years stefan fixes to options docu: xpress-mp is apparently another option for …
(edit) @866   8 years pbelotti CbcModel? apparently no longer accepts events
(edit) @865   8 years stefan cannot (and should not) initialize external variable to NULL
(edit) @864   8 years pbelotti explicit error for unrecognized operator
(edit) @863   8 years pbelotti compute new brpt right
(edit) @862   8 years stefan fix r861: currentOA and OAModel are global variables in Bonmin, thus …
(edit) @861   8 years stefan remove unused global variables
(edit) @860   8 years pbelotti fixing compile errors and in main/
(edit) @859   8 years pbelotti accurate statistics of orbital branching. Skewed branching point -- …
(edit) @858   8 years pbelotti computing symmetry groups only when necessary
(edit) @857   8 years pbelotti minor changes -- testing symmetry after earlier changes in strong branching
(edit) @856   8 years stefan merge r855 from stable/0.4
(edit) @855   8 years stefan check also CouenneRecordBestSol::getHasSol() when deciding whether to …
(edit) @854   8 years stefan merge r813 from trunk: activates catching ctrl+c when using CouenneBab?
(edit) @853   8 years stefan merge r849-850,852 from trunk; update externals to latest releases
(edit) @852   8 years stefan better way to stop cbc on ctrl+c; use new USER_INTERRUPT solution …
(edit) @851   8 years stefan remove nonsense inline in cpp file, it confuses the MS compiler
(edit) @850   8 years stefan make behaviour of CouenneBab::bestSolution/Obj consistent with the …
(edit) @849   8 years stefan fix use of uninitialized variable if user does not call …
(edit) @848   8 years pbelotti fixed elimination of terms in affine expressions due to small (<1e-21) …
(edit) @847   8 years pbelotti fixed elimination of terms in affine expressions due to small (<1e-21) …
(edit) @846   8 years pbelotti revisited simplification
(edit) @845   8 years pbelotti abort() instead of exit() upon second ctrl-c
(edit) @844   8 years pbelotti merged changes from trunk:843 (bb time vs. total time)
(edit) @843   8 years pbelotti fixed total time vs. BB time
(edit) @842   8 years pbelotti updated externals
(edit) @841   8 years pbelotti merged changes from trunk (problems in readnl+simplify)
(edit) @840   8 years pbelotti revert to previous nl2e, now simplifying only at root of expression trees
(edit) @839   8 years pbelotti simplify after reading an expression (should take care of y >= x*x cases)
(edit) @838   8 years pbelotti completing changes re removal of simplify/
(edit) @837   8 years pbelotti removed simplify/ directory, moved methods in their class' file
(edit) @836   8 years pbelotti real fix for power implied bound bug
(edit) @835   8 years pbelotti real fix for power implied bound bug
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