Python Optimization Modeling Objects

Pyomo is a collection of open-source optimization-related Python packages that supports a diverse set of optimization capabilities for formulating and analyzing optimization models.

Pyomo Packages

Pyomo supports a diverse set of optimization capabilities that can be used formulate and analyze optimization applications:

  • Pyomo: Formulate algebraic models within Python's modern programming language
  • PySP: Generic solvers for stochastic programming problems

What happened to Coopr?

This is Coopr! The differing branding of the project from the package that provided its core modeling capabilities has always been confusing for users and developers alike. We have elected to simplify things and just call everything Pyomo (which is what our users were doing anyways!). For more information, see the announcement.

Pyomo Management

Pyomo Trac pages are hosted by both Sandia National Laboratories and COIN-OR. The Sandia Trac site is the main site for Pyomo, and the Pyomo home page at COIN-OR simply contains links to the Sandia site. Software can be downloaded from associated subversion repositories at Sandia and COIN-OR, but the Sandia subversion repository is used for Pyomo development.


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