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(edit) @9544   5 years wehart Adding pyutilib.virtualenv, which is used in the installer tests.
(edit) @9529   5 years wehart Moving coopr-centric config files into the OLD directory
(edit) @9255   5 years wehart Adding new configuration files for pyomo
(edit) @9090   5 years wehart Commenting out references to sucasa and pysos
(edit) @9031   5 years wehart Moving auxdir files into dev.ini
(edit) @8642   5 years wehart Removing references to coopr.fdt, which is deprecated.
(edit) @8551   6 years wehart Moving coopr.bilevel, coopr.mpec and coopr.neos into the installer.ini …
(edit) @8389   6 years wehart Adding coopr.mpec
(edit) @8218   6 years wehart Adding coopr.bilevel to dev.ini
(edit) @7879   6 years wehart Adding coopr.neos to the set of Coopr packages under development.
(edit) @5546   8 years wehart Reverting the last change, but adding the 'exit' option, which …
(edit) @5545   8 years wehart Moving the configuration for psutil from all.ini to dev.ini
(edit) @5104   8 years wehart Moving coopr.os and coopr.openopt from dev to installer.
(edit) @5100   8 years wehart Adding coopr.openopt to dev.ini
(edit) @5018   8 years wehart Removing pyodbc, which doesn't reliably install on most platforms..
(edit) @4680   8 years wehart Adding pympler to the dev.ini configuration.
(edit) @4516   8 years tekl Fix the version of pyodbc at 2.1.8
(edit) @4502   8 years tekl Add pyodbc to dev configuration
(edit) @4116   9 years wehart Updating configuration files to rely on externals
(edit) @3967   9 years wehart Update to vpy configurations
(edit) @3965   9 years wehart Adding Reindent to the developer configuration.
(edit) @3922   9 years wehart Bug fix…
(edit) @3920   9 years wehart Renaming to The comparison …
(edit) @3912   9 years wehart Updating checkout used to setup an example directory.
(edit) @3910   9 years wehart Adding a config file that includes
(edit) @3832   9 years wehart Updating the Coopr configurations to have 'util' point to …
(edit) @3830   9 years wehart Eliminating localization of *.cmd files. This process is not …
(edit) @3757   9 years wehart Deprecating the use of pyutilib.logging within Coopr.
(edit) @3676   9 years wehart Removing dependency on bidict
(edit) @3675   9 years wehart Adding pyutilib.logging to all.ini and dev.ini We'll see if we need …
(edit) @3635   9 years jwatson Adding to all/dev .ini files.
(edit) @3496   9 years wehart Adding to the dev.ini configuration. This will add …
(edit) @3462   9 years wehart Adding to dev.ini
(edit) @3411   9 years wehart Adding coopr.gdp to the coopr_install config files.
(edit) @3338   9 years wehart Adding pyutilib.svn
(edit) @3328   9 years wehart Removing dependence on subversion checkout for Pyro.
(edit) @3236   9 years wehart Adding 'suds' package to configuration.
(edit) @3233   9 years wehart Migrating OS-specific functionality into coopr.os Adding coopr.os to …
(edit) @3202   9 years wehart Misc reconciliation of packages…
(edit) @3198   9 years wehart Adding coopr.age
(edit) @3070   9 years wehart Misc updates to external packages.
(edit) @3050   9 years wehart Reorder to account for pyutilib package dependencies.
(edit) @3049   9 years wehart Change to use the standard 'coverage' module
(edit) @3018   9 years wehart Disabling ipython for developers. This causes the printing of special …
(edit) @2978   9 years wehart Adding package dependency for argparse.
(edit) @2897   9 years wehart Adding pyutilib.workflow, which will be used to define computational …
(edit) @2866   9 years wehart Adding the package OrderedDict?, which provides backwards compatibility …
(edit) @2779   9 years wehart Removing ipython from all.ini Adding runpy2 to dev.ini
(edit) @2740   9 years wehart Adding ipython to dev.ini. This points to the checkout of ipython …
(edit) @2717   9 years wehart Renaming pyutilib.testdriver to pyutilib.autotest
(edit) @2697   9 years wehart Adding pyutilib.testdriver to configuration files.
(edit) @2694   9 years wehart Bug fix.
(edit) @2693   9 years wehart Renaming coopr.testing to pyutilib.testdriver
(edit) @2622   10 years wehart Adding pyutilib.workflow to all.ini Adding coopr.testing to installation
(edit) @2507   10 years wehart Disabling the use of ipython in Coopr configurations. The PyPI …
(edit) @2505   10 years wehart Removing [coopr] from the configuration, since we are explicitly …
(edit) @2472   10 years jwatson Updating configuration options to allow for computeconf.cmd.
(edit) @2468   10 years wehart Adding ipython.
(edit) @2467   10 years jwatson Updates to shift form "efwriter.cmd" to "runef.cmd".
(edit) @2456   10 years wehart Removing coopr.gdp
(edit) @2425   10 years wehart Adding imports for unittest2
(edit) @2201   10 years wehart Update to Coopr to account for changes in PyUtilib? package names.
(edit) @2185   10 years wehart Updating the virtual Python configurations to include coopr.colin
(edit) @2151   10 years wehart Adding gdp to dev configuration
(edit) @2126   10 years wehart Adding FDT to the development configuration for Coopr.
(edit) @2067   10 years wehart Adding the 'bidict' package, which is used by FDT.
(add) @1940   10 years wehart Adding a Coopr vpy configuration that includes packages that are not …
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