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  • coopr.pyomo/trunk/CHANGELOG.txt

    r2091 r2242  
    9 - Under development.
     9- Reworked the ModelData logic to use plugins to load data from different
     10  sources.
     12- Reworked the canonical expression definition to include a dictionary
     13  from variable ID -> _VarValue
     15- Added ability to process multiple *.dat files on the Pyomo command line
     17- Suppressed warning for 'constrant constraint' when writing LP files.
     19- A rework of the NL/LP file writers. This now uses the
     20  canonical expression representation.
     22- Allowed PyomoModel to load results with 'Warning' status
     24- Cut the runtime of the PyomoModel._load_solution method by 2/3.
     26- Added pyomo2lp and pyomo2nl commands.
     28- Refactored the pyomo command-line script to make it easier to write
     29  related scripts.
     31- Setup a draft implementation of expressions for intrinsic functions.
     33- Changed the setitem interface for the parameter and variable base class
     34  to allow invocations of the following form:
     36    var[None] = some_value
     38  In cases where the variable Var is a singleton, i.e., non-indexed. This slight
     39  abuse of syntax is extremely useful in PH (and anywhere else where we have
     40  automated manipulation of variable values), as it avoids various if-then statements.
     42- Adding the @set_options decorator, which can be used
     43  to specify options for temporary sets that are defined by
     44  index functions.
     46- Added methods to clear objective/constraint data.
     48- Changes to make the API for Model() functions/attributes by
     49  1-based indexing. This wound up having very little impact on the
     50  Pyomo code base, though it has a bigger impact on my implementation of the FDT
     51  heuristic.
     53- Added xsequence(), which mimics xrange().
     55- Allow expressions to be generated from a dictionary variable-id ->
     56  _VarValue 
     58- Added fix to update Model statistics after a transformation.
     60- Adding a sequence() function, which is analogous to range()
     61  for generating 1-indexed sequences.
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