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    r1806 r2085  
    9 - Under development.
     9- Speed improvement to CPLEX solution reader - accessing solution attributes
     10  multiple times is expensive.
     12- Reworking MIP plugins to more selectively print branch-and-bound
     13  information. Don't print this info unless solving a MIP.
     15- Update of Pyro solver manager to propagate warm-start files to
     16  pyro_mip_servers. This currently only works for CPLEX, because CPLEX
     17  is currently the only solver plug-in that supports warm-starts.
     19- Adding transmission of solver mipgap across the Pyro distributed solver
     20  interface.
     22- Added ability to write the mipgap attribute (if not None) to the
     23  solver script file for CPLEX and GLPK. This needs to be added to
     24  other solvers as well.
     26- Added fully-tested urc and lrc reduced-cost solution loading to the
     27  CPLEX plugin.
     29- CPLEX has warm-start capabilities - over-riding base OptSolver query method
     30  to indicate so.
     32- Added MIP solution read capability to GLPK plugin. Now able to read MIP
     33  solutions in via Pyomo and display attributes!
     35- Major re-work to GLPK interface, which was failing to read pretty much
     36  all solutions correctly. In particular, if identifiers are longer than
     37  the "usual" GLPK field width, the index/name and various values/status
     38  elements are split across multiple lines. This wrecks unit tests, but
     39  those will have to be revisited anyway - we still don't handle MIPs
     40  correctly, as the formats between MIP and LP are radically different.
     42- Added extraction of reduced-costs for variables in CBC plugin solution
     43  reader. Additionally, all values need to be pushed into the solution,
     44  whether non-zero or not. If this isn't done, then when the instance
     45  is loaded, only a subset of the variable values (and reduced-costs)
     46  are over-ridden.  Supression of 0 values does happen in the solution
     47  output routine.
     49- Extracting solver runtime for CPLEX solver plugin.
     51- Update to solvers to use the new structure for managing the parsing of
     52  solution results.
     54- Fixed bug in CBC when in NL/SOL mode that was setting each primal and dual
     55  variable twice when reading the solver output.
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