Welcome to the COIN-OR Web Page Tracker

This page provides access to the COIN-OR Web page repository.

Creating a local copy of the entire repository

To create a local copy of the entire repository, use the following Subversion command:

svn checkout CoinWeb

The last argument is just the name of the local directory to create and can be any name you want. Note the 'trunk' part of the URL. We chose to use a standard Subversion practice of creating separate directories for the trunk (main repository) and any branches (of which there are currently none).

Creating a local copy of only part of the repository

If you maintain one subdirectory or a few files, then it's not necessary to download the whole repository. This may be desirable because certain directories are very large.

To get the subdirectory 'MyProject', use the command

svn checkout MyProject

Again, note the 'trunk' in the middle of the URL.

Links to Open Source in OR

  • List of other open-source projects useful to OR professionals (OpenSourceLinks)

Starting Points for Trac

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.

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