This is the TLC's understanding of Coin Users. The TLC uses this document to allocate effort and to guide design of infrastructure aspects. If you feel you are not represented here, please contact your friendly TLC member and suggest changes.

Group 1: People who just want an executable, for example a solver such as Cbc or SYMPHONY. People in this group will not compile any source code -- not their own, not COIN-OR.

Group 2: People who want to build applications that link to COIN-OR libraries. People in this group will compile source code, but only their own, not COIN-OR source. A number of COIN-OR projects provide examples and the result of running the configure script generates Makefiles that are easily customized and I think these examples are extremely useful for individuals in this Group.

Group 3: People who want to compile and build a project from the source code. I guess this is primarily developers/project managers but potentially people using the project as a basis for research.

Group 4: People who not only want to compile a project, but may need to compile projects that the project depends on. I find myself doing this fairly frequently and I conjecture project managers of projects with a number of dependencies may also do this.

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