Project Review and Classification Project

This initiative is in response to the need to review all existing COIN projects to make sure they comply with current procedures and are properly classified according to the current classification scheme. In the future, this process will be taken care of by the repository manager, but we have agreed to undertake this as a group for the first round. The existing projects are listed below and will be divided up and guided through something akin to the project acceptance process by various members of the TLC. The official Guidelines for Project Management contain details on the project acceptance procedures. However, the procedure here will be a little different, since the projects already exist. A ProjectReviewChecklist page has been created to create a checklist for each project. Please copy it to each of the pages below to create a checklist that you can go through.

The list of existing projects is as follows. If no one is assigned to review the project, please feel free to volunteer :).

"Regular" projects:

Bcp Francois BcpReviewChecklist?
Bonmin Francois BonminReviewChecklist?
Cbc JP CbcReviewChecklist?
Cgc CgcReviewChecklist
Cgl CglReviewChecklist?
Clp JP ClpReviewChecklist?
CoinMP Leo CoinMpReviewChecklist?
CoinUtils CoinUtilsReviewChecklist?
Cops Francois CopsReviewChecklist?
CppAD KippCppAdReviewChecklist?
Csdp CsdpReviewChecklist?
Dfo Laci DfoReviewChecklist?
Dylp Kipp DylpReviewChecklist
FlopC++ Leo FlopcReviewChecklist?
GAMSLinks Leo GamsLinksReviewChecklist?
Ipopt Kipp IpoptReviewChecklist
LaGO LaGoReviewChecklist?
NLPAPI Andreas NlpapiReviewChecklist
Osi Kipp OsiReviewChecklist?
Ots Ted OtsReviewChecklist?
Smi Ted SmiReviewChecklist?
SYMPHONY Kipp SymReviewChecklist
SVM-QP SvmQpReviewChecklist?
Vol Laci VolReviewChecklist?

These special project need a different kind of review. We can discuss this at a future TLC meeting:

  • BuildTools
  • CoinBinary
  • CoinWeb
  • MSVisualStudio

Note: I have been assigned the Osi project. I can do Cbc, Clp, Dylp, Glpk, and Symphony. Can I get some help with Cplex, FortMP, Osl, SoPlex?, and XpressMP. Thanks -- Kipp.

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