Help Wanted

This page is for project managers (and anyone else) to advertise for volunteers to help out with small jobs. If you need help with something, please feel free to add to the list below and we will try to match volunteers to these jobs.

If you are interested in helping, please send email to volunteer@….

Web Development

  • Write script to auto-generate the list of mailing lists.
  • Write script to auto-generate a page containing latest version numbers and other useful project info.
  • Write a script to auto-generate a more complete information page for each project (one per project).
  • Implement enhanced search features.
    • Google site search of,,
    • Add ability to search mailing lists to Trac sites.
  • Write scripts to automate the process of becoming an associate member.
    • Fill out form.
    • Submit payment through PayPal.
    • Send auto-generated thank you and receipt.
    • Post name on Web site.
    • Sign up for mailing list.
  • Write scripts to allow people to become "registered users."
    • Link with Trac username.
    • Link to mailing list subscriptions.
  • Help with general maintenance.


  • Write blurbs for the news page.
  • Help edit a COIN newsletter.
  • Help with conference organization.
  • Help to maintain membership records.
  • Chair a working group.

Project maintenance

  • Review and classify projects.
  • Help with project submission.
  • Help moderate mailing lists.

Software Development and Maintenance

  • Volunteer your computer to do nightly builds.
  • Help to maintain unit tests.
  • Help to implement benchmarking.
  • Help to create or maintain a solver interface.
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