Thank you very much for helping with the Coin-OR submissions process. Your contribution to the OR community is very appreciated.

The purpose of this page is to organize information the Handler may need to help speed the review process along.

Essentially, your job is to help the Project Manager with this checklist.

TLC members and handlers expand and organize this page as they gather more experience with the submissions process.

  • If you have any questions, please ask the submissions manager (currently Stefan).
  • You can forward the legal documents to the submissions manager.
  • The person responsible for adding tarballs to the repository at the end of the submissions project is Matt.
  • After the repository is complete, please ask the PM to write an announcement. The announcement should include the project name, the URL to the main page, the project's mailing lists, and a short description of the project. The PM will post this announcement to coin-discuss and coin-announce. The handler will submit a ticket to CoinWeb (login required) so it gets posted to the News section of the Coin web site. Here are some ExampleAnnouncements.
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