Bug Squashing Party 2009

This year's bug squashing party will take place on July 7-8, 2009.

Pre-planning Teleconference

There will be a pre-planning teleconference on July 6, 2009 at 5 PM EST. For the agenda, click here.

Communication via Skype

This year's gathering place will be a chat room in Skype. If you plan to participate, please install skype, get a user name, and then share your contact details with Ted Ralphs (Skype User ID: tkralphs). Please ask if you have problems.

SVN Checkout URL

The BSP checkout for 2009 for fixing compiler warnings, memory leaks, small bugs, etc. is as follows:

   svn co

The BSP checkout for 2009 for playing around with splitting up CoinUtils, reorganizing Osi, etc. is as follows:

   svn co

For a smaller testset, do

   svn co

and build it by providing libraries from a build of the BSP branch.

2009 Goals

Goal labels are in bold.

  • Split CoinUtils and reorganize Osi
  • Change trunk externals to releases for some projects
  • Run valgrind and purify to find memory leaks and hidden bugs
  • Fix compiler warnings for all compilers
  • Implement/test --with-proj functionality
  • Implement/test library naming with version numbers (library version numbers)
  • Check if ASL still works with gcc 4.4 (ASL gcc 4.4)

2010 Goals

Goal labels are in bold.

  • Fix/improve unit testing
  • Test binaries and prepare for binary distribution

Specific tickets to fix

Please add links below to tickets that we should address.









  • memory leaks when running unittest (there are no memory leaks if the Couenne solver is not tested -- perhaps it is best to first work on the Couenne memory leaks -- I will try to look at that if I get a chance --kmartin) ; SV: memory leaks fixed in Couenne, looks good for OS now


  • memory leaks when running unittest - fixed in trunk, but gets many seg.faults; so not fixed yet


  • memory leaks when running unittest

Build experience

            CoinAll/BSP                                Cbc/BSPsplit
            default          debug                     default

Linux32     ok (7/15,9:52am) ok (7/15,9:52am)          ok (7/15,11:20am)

Win32       ok (7/15,9:52am) ok (7/15,9:52am)          ok (7/15,11:59am)

Win32       ok (July 13)     ok (7/15,11:00am)

MacOSX      builds*          builds                    ok (7/15,2:00pm)
gcc4.3.3    DyLP unittest    test works too**
-m64        segfault         
Linux64     builds           builds
gcc4.5      Cbc unittest     tests fail
(experim.)  segfault

Win32       ok(7/15,11:00am) ok(7/15,11:00am)          ok (7/15,2:00pm)

gcc4.0.1    ok(7/7)          ok(7/7)                   ok (7/8)

msys/cl     ok(11:41 PM)     did not try               ok (11:41 PM)

gcc 4.2     ok (july 9)      did not try               ok( july 9)

* after removing -lcrt... by hand from coinutils_addlibs.txt (seem to be issue with correct setup of FLIBS)
** when adding correct stdc++ library to LDFLAGS (seem to be issue with libtool or gfortran, it replaces -lstdc++ with a 32bit lib instead of the correct 64bit one)
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