Bug Squashing Party on 2008/07/28-29

Communication via IRC

An IRC server is set up on and you need an IRC client to connect to it. IRC allows anyone to join when they become available without the need to invite them like we'd need to do if we used Google's or Skype's chat feature.

The client we have tested with the server is ChatZilla. Others may (probably do) work just as well. ChatZilla is available as an add-on for Firefox. Install it from Once you have installed ChatZilla just just follow this link irc:// or type it in firefox's address bar and you'll be connected: a ChatZilla window pops up. In the entry field on the bottom enter "/join bug" and you'll be on the "bug" channel with everyone else who has joined. When you want to leave just type "/leave".

In general, commands for the IRC server start with a "/". Few more important commands are:

  • /commands : lists all available commands
  • /help <command> : gives you help on a command.
  • /nick <new_nickname> : changes your nickname. Your default nickname is your login id. This command allows you to change it temporarily, and in the Preferences menu you can change it permanently.
  • /names : lists the nicknames of the people joined to the channel.

By default ChatZilla is in single-line entry mode, so whenever you hit enter, the line you just typed will be immediately sent to everyone on the channel. If you want to switch to multi-line mode (useful, e.e., entring code snippets) click on the small arrow right of the entry field. The direction of the arrow will change (clicking on that will switch back to single-line mode) and an "Enter" button is added there. Now you can just type away in the entry field and when you are ready for the others to see your work click on the "Enter" button.

SVN Checkout URL


  • run valgrind and Purify to find memory leaks and hidden bugs
  • fix compiler warnings
  • the MS Visual Studio files for Cbc need to have a CbcSolver.lib setup that is similar to the libCbcSolver.a in the configure version


Releases from BSP (see ReleasesBugSquashingParty08)

Tickets to fix

These are tickets that look not too difficult to fix. Some are open for so long already that they might have been fixed in the meanwhile. A few are also invalid.

  • BuildTools ticket 64 - comitted my patch and rerun autotools
  • BuildTools ticket 66 - this should be fixed now, the dlamch.f file is now always compiled in debug mode
  • ...


stefan (only Monday):

  • Intel P4; SuSE Linux; gcc 3.3.5, no gfortran
    11.08.08: optimized and debug builds and make test pass if I apply patch from CppAD ticket 3
  • Intel Core2 Duo; SuSE Linux; gcc 4.2.1
    16.08.08: optimized and debug builds pass; make test fails in Cbc due to failures with sos and lotsize objects
  • AMD Athlon64; RedHat Linux; gcc 4.4 (experimental from 07.08.2008)
    07.08.08: optimized and debug build pass; make test of debug build pass; make test of optimized build fails in AMPL tests of Bonmin and OS
  • AMD Athlon64; RedHat Linux; Intel 9.1
    05.08.08: optimized and debug builds and make test pass
  • Intel Core2 Duo; Windows XP; VS2008 Express (cl 15.00)
    13.08.08: optimized and debug builds and make test pass
  • AMD Opteron; Windows Server 2003 32bit; Intel 10 (via cygwin) with VS2003
    11.08.08: optimized and debug builds and make test pass
  • Intel-like; SunOS 5.11; gcc 4.3.0 (experimental from 26.06.07, same as last year)
    03.08.08: optimized and debug builds and make test pass
  • Intel; MacOS X 10.5.4; Intel 10.1
    08.08.08: optimized build and make test pass; debug builds but make test fails due to failing assertion in OS/DyLP test (eq(odsiInfinity, odsiInfinity) is false);
    needed extra compiler flag -mmacosx-version-min=10.4 and linker flag -flat_namespace
  • Intel; MacOS X 10.5.4; gcc 4.4.0 (experimental from 09.05.08)
    22.08.08: optimized and debug builds pass; needed extra compiler flag -mmacosx-version-min=10.4; make test fails in DyLP and Osi with Bus error (optimized build) and in Osi due to OsiCbc (debug build)


  • AIX 5.3 with xl* compilers


               Results of builds on Solaris (01.08.08)

                     Studio                         GCC
               32-bit       64-bit           32-bit       64-bit
Project      Dbg    Opt   Dbg    Opt       Dbg    Opt   Dbg    Opt

Alps          P      P     P      P         P      P     P      P
Bcp	     (4)
Bcps         (2)    (2)   (2)    (2)        P      P     P      P
Blis          P      P     P      P         P      P     P      P
Bonmin	     (1)    (1)   (1)    (1)        P      P     P      P
Cbc           P      P     P      P         P      P     P      P
Cgl           P      P     P      P         P      P     P      P
Clp           P      P     P      P         P      P     P      P
CoinUtils     P      P     P      P         P      P     P      P
Dylp (5)      P      P     P      P         P      P     P      P
FlopCpp       P      P     P      P         P      P     P      P
Ipopt         P      P     P      P         P      P     P      P
OS            P      P     P      P        (3)    (3)    P      P
Osi (6)       P      P     P      P         P      P     P      P
Smi           P      P     P      P         P      P     P      P
SYMPHONY      P      P     P      P         P      P     P      P

(1) Studio does not like the way bonmin uses templates. Does not compile.

(2) Copy of Blis in Bcps/examples is out-of-date?  Studio complains that it's
    unable to match a template.  Does not compile.

(3) Misaligned data (double on 4-byte boundary). Kipp has details.

(4) Tests did not run automatically because the test in the top-level
    Makefile for Coin-All fails (no test/Makefile). When I tried to run the
    tests manually, the file Member/BB_packer.cpp was missing.

(5) test subdirectory not included in Coin-All, but DyLP was built and tested
    as part of Osi for all builds. Dylp's unit test is the Osi unit test, so
    that's as good as it gets.

(6) OsiCbc, OsiClp, OsiDylp, OsiGlpk, OsiSym, OsiVol.
    Studio builds also include OsiCpx (Cplex 9.1)
    Some solvers have issues but the unit test runs to completion.
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