Welcome to the COIN-OR Technical Leadership Council Home Page

This page is for posting documents and tracking issues related to activities of the COIN-OR Foundation's Technical Leadership Council (TLC). Here are a few pages that might be of interest.

  • For upcoming meeting scheduling, see the FutureMeetings page or the TLC Google Calendar.
  • For notes from previous TLC meetings, see the MeetingNotes page.
  • For current project management guidelines, click here.
  • For technical proposals (accepted and outstanding), see the TechnicalProposals page.
  • For our best understanding of our user base, see UserProfiles.
  • For information on current initiatives, see these pages.
  • For information on current ad hoc committees, see these pages.

Some old initiatives or closed projects are contained here:

TLC Members


Trac Pointers

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.

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