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(edit) @524   7 years bjarni Updated header file CoinMP.h to remove warnings about multiple exports …
(edit) @488   7 years bjarni Changing the version number in CoinMP source files to 1.7.0 for trunk 1.7
(edit) @447   9 years bjarni Reverting back to void* from const void* for callback UserParam? argument
(edit) @441   9 years bjarni Change void* to const void* for callback UserParam? arguments
(edit) @439   9 years bjarni Change char* arguments to const char* for CoinMP C-API
(edit) @438   9 years bjarni Change version to 1.6 and copyright for coinmp.h
(edit) @437   9 years bjarni Removing C++ style comments from header files for Linux build
(edit) @433   9 years bjarni Adding new CoinRegisterXXXCallback functions to the C-API that support …
(edit) @428   9 years stefan fixup buildsystem - fix compiler warnings - get C code compiling with …
(edit) @400   10 years bjarni Correct argument to int* RowStatus? in CoinGetSolutionBasis?() in trunk 1.5
(edit) @385   11 years bjarni Fix int* RowStatus? argument in CoinGetSolutionBasis? and const char* …
(edit) @365   11 years bjarni Remove SolutionStatus? as argument from CoinGetSolutionText? (not needed)
(edit) @364   11 years bjarni Add new GetOption? routines for OptionID and fix some older ones
(edit) @363   11 years bjarni Add LoadMatrix?, LoadNames?, and LoadNamesBuf? to CoinMP, and update …
(edit) @362   11 years bjarni Move all malloc and memcpy code in LoadXXX into CoinProblem?.c routines
(edit) @358   11 years bjarni change version number to 1.5 in comment and remove redundant …
(edit) @350   11 years bjarni Add support for semi-continuous variables and rename BranchDir? to …
(edit) @341   11 years bjarni Move PPROBLEM handling to separate source file CoinProblem?.c and …
(edit) @331   11 years bjarni Add propset svn:keywords "Id" to source files in trunk
(edit) @326   11 years bjarni Add $Id$ to CoinMP source/test files in trunk
(edit) @317   11 years bjarni Fixes option parameter calls and add MipFracGap? option from 1.4 to trunk
(edit) @290   11 years bjarni Updated CoinMP.cpp and CoinMP.h in trunk to reflect changes in stable …
(edit) @245   11 years bjarni Added new NameBuf? routines and cleaned up arguments
(edit) @222   11 years bjarni Added CoinLoadProblemBuf?() with ColNamesBuf/RowNamesBuf? as char * …
(edit) @217   11 years bjarni Added CoinLoadSemiCont?() routine
(edit) @205   12 years bjarni Add int buflen argument to functions receiving strings
(edit) @185   12 years bjarni Added CoinSetLoadNamesType? and allowed NULL RowType? with RowLower/RowUpper?
(edit) @170   12 years bjarni Various updates and additions to the CoinMP API interface
(edit) @167   12 years bjarni Removed comments around extern C
(edit) @165   12 years bjarni CoinGetVersion? updated so it now returns version 1.3
(edit) @163   12 years bjarni Updated header file to remove string returns
(edit) @160   12 years bjarni Changing API to single-dim character names, removed string returns, …
(edit) @158   12 years bjarni Merging stable/1.2 back into trunk (rev 157)
(edit) @113   12 years bjarni Updated with new API interface for CoinMP version 1.2
(edit) @95   12 years bjarni Cleaned names and layout
(edit) @88   12 years bjarni Supports now CbcMain0/1 calls, CBNodeHandler, and CoinGetOptionChanged?
(edit) @69   12 years bjarni Added defines for OBJSENS_MAX and OBJSENS_MIN
(edit) @47   14 years bjarni Renamed CoinUnloadProb? to CoinUnloadProblem? and CoinLoadNonLinear? to …
(edit) @46   14 years jpfasano unitTest.dsp modified to include unitTest.cpp instead of unitTest.c. …
(edit) @44   14 years jpfasano changes for building on unix
(copy) @39   14 years jpfasano moving branch to trunk
copied from branches/jp/CoinMP/src/CoinMP.h:
(copy) @24   14 years jpfasano moved CoinMP.cpp and h to src directory
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