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(edit) @244   10 years bjarni Updating /branches/bk/CoinSMI/Externals to CBC 2.3
(edit) @241   10 years bjarni copy CoinMP 1.4 trunk to /branches/bk/CoinSMI, rev 240
(edit) @240   10 years bjarni remove /branches/CoinSMI
(edit) @239   10 years bjarni making new directory /branches/bk
(edit) @236   10 years bjarni Copy CoinMP 1.4 trunk to /branches/CoinSMI
(edit) @40   13 years jpfasano copied files from trunk
(edit) @39   13 years jpfasano moving branch to trunk
(edit) @37   13 years bjarni Committing after saving CoinMP.dsw project
(edit) @36   13 years bjarni Try committing again
(edit) @35   13 years bjarni reverting unittest.c objsense value to -1
(edit) @34   13 years bjarni fixed path to coinmp.h file
(edit) @33   13 years bjarni Fixed directory issues after moving DSP files
(edit) @32   13 years bjarni Moved CoinMP.dsp and UnitTest?.dsp up one directory
(edit) @31   13 years bjarni renamed CoinMPdll.dsp to CoinMP.dsp
(edit) @30   13 years bjarni Renamed CoinMPDll folder to CoinMP
(edit) @29   13 years bjarni Fixed range errors on UnitTest?.c
(edit) @28   13 years jpfasano updated dsp files to match previously commited changes to directory …
(edit) @27   13 years jpfasano added directory to contain coinMP dll project
(edit) @26   13 years jpfasano
(edit) @25   13 years jpfasano updated dsp files to build with new source file locations
(edit) @24   13 years jpfasano moved CoinMP.cpp and h to src directory
(edit) @23   13 years jpfasano added directories to make consistent with other coin projects
(edit) @22   13 years jpfasano Copied files to branches/jp
(edit) @21   13 years jpfasano updated externals, added jp dir in branches
(add) @16   13 years jpfasano adding trunk and branches
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