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2CoinMP.dll is a Windows dynamic linked library (DLL) that supports most
3of the functionality of COIN-OR LP, COIN-OR Branch-and-Cut and Cut Generation
4Library projects.  This CoinMP.dll distribution of the COIN-OR projects for
5Windows has the advantages of being: high portability, does not require any
6compilation, easy to use, and can be used from any other Windows application. 
8For information how to build CoinMP, see the INSTALL file.
10To use CoinMP in your own application, link in the CoinMP.lib file in the
11CoinMP\msvc6\Release folder and copy the CoinMP.dll file to the same directory
12as your application.  The header file CoinMP.h in the CoinMP\src folder contains
13the prototypes for all the functions in the DLL.
15The interface to this library designed to be as simple as possible, but still
16provide similar functionality as other solver DLL's availble.
18The CoinMP.dll file will work as is with the MPL for Windows Modeling System by
19Maximal Software.  Simply copy the DLL file into the Mplwin4 installation directory
20and restart MPL.
22Bjarni Kristjansson
23Maximal Software
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