The COIN-OR Optimization Suite


The goal of this project is to provide support for build, test, and installation of a coherent suite of interoperable solvers and libraries on the most popular computing platforms. We aim to provide methods for users to easily install pre-built and well-tested binaries on all platforms. Currently supported platforms are

  • Microsoft Windows with the Visual C++ compiler, versions 9-13 (see the MSVisualStudio wiki for more details)
    • MSVC++ IDE
    • The cl compiler from CYGWIN/MinGW (with the autotools)
  • Microsoft Windows with the g++ 4 compiler (CYGWIN/MinGW)
  • Linux with the g++ 4 compiler on ix86 architectures.
  • Mac OS X with either the g++ 4 compiler (installed with Homebrew) or the clang compiler.

At the present time, the entire suite builds out of the box on all of these platforms. The current stable version of the suite is 1.8. A short course on building and using the suite is available here.


Projects currently included in The COIN-OR Optimization Suite are


To install binaries

  • For Windows users, get the installer for the latest version here.
  • For Linux users, most solvers can be installed using the standard package manager on both Debian and Fedora/Redhat.
  • For Linux, there are also completely static binaries that should work on most Linux distributions here.
  • For OS X, we are working on developing Homebrew recipes for all projects, but for now, it is best to build yourself, although you can try the binaries here. It is not possible to build completely statically on OS X, so they may not work.

Building from Source

It should be straightforward build the COIN-OR Optimization Suite on any platform. You can check out the code with subversion or obtain source tarballs of previous releases here. To build in a Unix-like environment, execute

svn checkout COIN-1.8
cd COIN-1.8
make install

Using the Optimization Suite

A full short course on using the suite is available here and is the best place to start. Templates for building applications and other small examples are available here. The CoinEasy projects is a nascent effort to provide a basic introduction to the suite. Additional help on understanding the source and building

Documentation and Support

  • Doxygen documentation for the suite is here (please let us know if this link is broken).
  • Additional help and support may be available through the support mechanisms individual projects that make up the suite (see links above).
  • If you are not sure where to run, feel free to post a ticket here or send a message to the coin-discuss mailing list.
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